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This page will include: Annual Calendar, Daily Schedules, Supply Lists, Course Descriptions, and Instructions.

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Daily Schedule: 2023-2024

RR Course Descriptions:

Below are the detailed course descriptions for the 2023-2024 school year!

Please contact us if you have further questions! All classes, except for Pre-K, can be taken a la carte or half/full days. Pre-K can be half or full days!

SpanishHola! Bienvenidos a la clase de Español.
Hello! Welcome to the Spanish class! Beginning students will work on reading, writing and speaking, similar to how they learn how to read, write, and speak their first language. Returning students will strengthen their speaking with repetition on vocabulary and phrases as well as with songs and fun games. We will be using the Sonrisas curriculum and other Spanish books according to each grade level.
Students will explore Mexico, Central America and the culture of Spanish speakers as it is an important part of learning Spanish. 
Mrs. Lomas
PEThis year’s fitness class at the Round Rock campus will focus on “functional training” as well as the basic fundamental gross and fine motor skills needed for physical and mental development. Some other tasks that will be emphasized include sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation to create a better understanding of integrity. All of these will be implemented toward building your student’s character, strength and coordination for everyday life activities. As fun “functional” fitness increases this year, so will the understanding of health-related vs. skill related fitness; overall, training for lifetime skills.Mrs. Rodriguez
This year in science, we will be studying animal behaviors, their bodies, and how they interact with their environment and other animals. Mrs. Nikel
Social StudiesTBDMrs. Buterbaugh
Music & ArtThis year in Mrs. Robison’s Music and Art class on Mondays at the Round Rock Campus we will study and listen to some of the great composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and more. As well as the beloved hymns such as Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, and Blessed Assurance; learning the history and instruments used. We will also be exploring the medium of watercolors. Mrs. Robison
Pre-KWelcome to Pre-K Round Rock! I’m looking forward to another year of learning through books, songs, poems and imaginative play! The curriculum used in our class provides students with a well-rounded experience by touching on concepts in language arts, math, science, and social studies. Students will build their understanding of numbers and letters through hands-on activities. They will explore the beauty of God’s creation as they are introduced to map skills and geography. They will take part in science lessons and activities focusing on exploration of the living things in their everyday world. Finally, students will have the opportunity to learn and practice basic Spanish phrases throughout the year.Mrs. Haker
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