Severe Weather Procedures

ALL: When notified of a tornado stay calm and begin severe weather procedures IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT wait to see if it is a false alarm.

If a tornado is in the area, please be prepared to move your students quickly and quietly.


  1. The Director will announce on the walkie-talkie “Severe Weather Drill”. Everyone needs to immediately stop what they are doing, line up your children and leave the room in an orderly fashion, with the teacher quickly closing the door as the last one out.
  2. Count the number of children and take your sign-in sheet with you for identifying all children.
  3. Direct children to follow you to your designated area.
  4. Once in the designated area, direct children to sit on the floor quietly, heads down and covered by hands, so you can hear the “all clear” signal or further instructions. Take a head count to make sure all your students are present. You will get an “all clear” signal from the faculty member in charge.
  5. Any teachers not in a class at the time should to the designated area to help supervise students.

Parents: There will be a severe weather drill in the early fall and the spring to train the students on the procedure.

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