Medication and First-Aid Policy

The Rock Enrichment Academy LLC: Medication and First-aid Policy

Prescription Medication

Should your child need to have a specific dose of medication administered while at school (to include topical, over-the-counter or prescription) the Parent/Guardian must bring a signed Authorization to Dispense Medication form and the medication directly to the director or appointed TREA staff. The authorization form (found on the TREA website) must be signed by both the director/TREA staff and the parent/s. The medication must be in the original container with the student’s name, the name of the drug, dosage, route of administration, and the time interval dose. Upon receiving the medication, TREA staff will count and document on the form the number of pills and the date/time received. All authorization forms and medicine will be kept secured by staff on campus, and until the medication is sent home each day. All Parent/Guardians must complete a separate authorization form for each new medication.

Students with Diabetes or Asthma

Students with asthma or diabetes may keep their medication in their backpack, or in the director’s office. An Authorization to Dispense Medication form must be completed by the parent/guardian and signed by a licensed health care professional, acknowledging that the student is capable of self-administering the medication

Student at High Risk for Severe Allergic Reaction

It is recommended that an Emergency EpiPen be kept with the student (in his/her backpack). If your child has a tree nut, peanut or other significant allergy, in the case of an emergency, it is recommended that an additional EpiPen and signed Authorization to Dispense Medication form be kept on campus and secured with TREA staff.

Over-The-Counter Medication

The Rock Enrichment Academy may provide OTC medications such as Tylenol, Motrin, Tums, cough drops, etc…for students with more severe symptoms. Medications will be secured by TREA staff. The parent/guardian will be called before any medication is given to a student. The Authorization to Dispense Medication form must be completed by the parent/guardian.

Benadryl is available for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. It will not be dispensed for allergy symptoms.


(Guidelines set forth by the American Medical Association will be followed)

First-aid for minor ailments will consist of any combinations of the following: cleansing the area/wound with soap and water, hydrogen peroxide, or antiseptic; application of a first-aid spray or topical anti-itch cream; applications of bandage or ace wrap; ice pack, normal saline eye drop for minor eye irritations.

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