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Where should my student go on their first day? Of course this depends a little bit on the campus, but all campuses have a carpool lane. A teacher will walk out at 8:45 to start greeting students. Doors are unlocked at 8:45 for parents who want to walk their children in. We typically ask that parents walk their students to the door and let them enter on their own. Of course we are flexible with that as students (and parents) adjust to the new school year!

What happens if I need to drop my student off early? We open our doors at 8:45. On occasion, an exception might need to be made. You can get a hold of the Director (director@therockenrichmentacademy.org), Admin (admin@therockenrichmentacademy.org), and ask for an exception. This should not be done the morning of, but at least a week in advance.

Can grandma pick up my kid? Absolutely! Please notify the Campus Lead, Director, or Admin if someone else is picking up your child. The morning of will suffice. We will check ID so please make sure to provide their full name, how your student knows them, and, if they’re joining the carpool line, what type of vehicle they drive.

Supplies and Items from Home

What supplies should I bring to the Meet and Greet? Keep your personal supplies at home, but bring shared supplies like stacks of paper, watercolors, cleaning supplies, etc. Really, if it’s too bulky for your child to carry in their backpack, you can bring it to the Meet and Greet!

Can my student bring their laptop/toy/jewelry/book/phone from home? While older students (Upper School) often use their computers for classes, we ask that Pre-K-6th students leave their personal items at home. We all remember the year of the Pokemon Cards and the drama that ensued when cards started to go home with the wrong kids. Some students might need or have a cell phone, but we ask that it be silenced and stay in their backpack unless they ask permission from their teacher. They are not allowed to be used during class. Students are allowed to bring board games and books on rainy days and other designated days (your campus will notify you in advance).

Dress Code

What is the dress code? The dress code can be found in detail in the Student Handbook (under the forms header). In short: students should wear reasonable pants or shorts each day (no rips/tears even if it’s for fashion, reasonable length, non-distracting, no words printed on the behind), practical shoes that are good for PE as well as recess (some kids, especially kids with sensory issues, will carry their PE shoes with them and wear more comfy shoes on their feet), and their Rock shirt. Upper School students are not required to wear their Rock shirts, but must abide by the pants/shorts policy.

Covid, Health, and Allergies

What happened to Covid? We decided this year to no longer trace Covid symptoms/infections or do daily health screenings. If you’re sick, please stay home. If you know it’s allergies, let us know and send your child! We trust parents to make the best decisions for their families. Students who still wish to wear a mask are absolutely allowed to!

What should I do if my student is sick? Please let us know so that we can let teachers know that they will be absent. Contacting the Director, Admin, or Campus Lead are all acceptable. If you know your student potentially exposed a classroom to something that’s highly contagious (Hand-Foot-and Mouth, Chickenpox, Pink-eye, Flu, Covid, Lice, etc.), please share that information. We won’t share which student with families, but we will let people know if they’ve been potentially exposed to something more concerning than a typical cold.

Are you a peanut-free school? Currently we are not. We do have some campuses with more tree-nut allergies than others, though, we so understand the concern. Currently our protocol is to have a peanut-free table that is farther away from other students. This has been successful in the past. If we have students on campus with more severe allergies or who need different accommodations, reach out to us!

Breaks and Vacations

When is Christmas break? Christmas Break starts December 19th and ends January 6th. You can access all breaks, fun weeks, and other events on our school calendar!

What should I do when our family is on vacation? Please let us know so we don’t worry about you! This is particularly important for Upper School students as they are taking graded classes and will still need to turn in work for any graded classes despite being absent. We want all students to have the opportunity to make up learning missed if they are absent. Often teachers will provide an outline of what was learned in their Google Classrooms!

Website and Google Classroom

Help! I can’t get into my child’s Google Account! Please contact us via our Google Help form so that it’s directed properly and we can get you assistance as soon as possible.

Do I have to use Google Classroom? Obviously we can’t force you to, but a lot of class-specific information is posted each week. You will miss out on teacher-specific communications if you’re not utilizing Google Classroom. Upper School students will not be able to receive grades or credit if they do not use Google Classroom.

Your website is confusing. Yes, it’s a work in progress. If you have specific suggestions, let us know! We want to make it easy to navigate!

Where can I find…? There’s a search bar at the bottom if you’re really struggling to find what you need!

We are entering into year 3 of having an official yearbook staff. This staff is mostly students, with one lead teacher, Mrs. Frankenberg. This year we will be selling Yearbook Advertisements and offering advertising spots in our weekly newsletter! This will help offset the cost of yearbooks as well as provide our students with more cameras and equipment to be able to hone their photography skills!

Who do I contact if….?

How do I get in contact with my child’s teacher? All teachers have the same format for their emails: MrsLASTNAME@therockenrichmentacademy.org (or MrLASTNAME). They can also be found on our Meet the Teachers page!

How do I pay tuition? You can pay tuition in a few ways: hand a check or cash (in an envelope please with your name on it!) to a teacher at pick-up or drop-off, mail a check to Mrs. Jay-Turner: Angela Jay-Turner 101 Lakeway Hills Cove Lakeway, TX 78734, or PayPal (director@therockenrichmentacademy.org) it to Mrs. Jay-Turner (Friends and Family, please!).

Who do I contact if I need help with Classroom, Google, the website, or have an events question? Mrs. Frankenberg is the best person to answer those questions! Email her at Admin@therockenrichmentacademy.org

Who do I talk to if I can’t remember if I paid tuition? Or my bank changed? Or I need a scholarship? Mrs. Jay-Turner can answer all those questions! Email her at Director@therockenrichmentacademy.org!

Volunteer Opportunities and Donations

I want to volunteer! Occasionally we have the need for parent volunteers. These needs will become more apparent as the year begins, but typically we need: volunteers to cover lunch/recess over Christmas so staff can celebrate with a short staff-lunch, volunteers to help with Bags of Grace each December, parent volunteers for events like Soup-er Bowl Pantry Food donation weeks, Book Fairs, and other larger celebrations. We will also be asking for volunteers to help us with some fundraising this next year so that we can keep offering scholarships to our families!
We will update as we have official dates and times. Feel free to reach out to Mrs. Jay-Turner if you’d like to be put on the volunteer list!

I want to donate something! There are a few times when we are looking for donations–such as small supplies for Christmas parties, pumpkins for painting in class, etc. Upper Classes would benefit from a donation of Digital SLRs. Music classes would love to have a supply of violins and ukuleles for families who can’t afford them! Reach out to the Admin or Director if you’d like to donate something and we can supply you with a 501c3 receipt!

How do I enroll at TREA?

Please contact us! You can do this by filling out this form, or filling out the Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire on this page, or both!


Who do I contact if I’m interested in teaching at TREA? Contact Mrs. Jay-Turner at Director@therockenrichmentacademy.org or Mrs. Frankenberg at Admin@therockenrichmentacademy.org!

What teaching positions are open? Currently we have all teaching positions filled, but we will be looking to increase our substitute list. Typically we bring people on as substitute teachers before hiring them! This gives us the chance to see if you’d be a good fit. We are a very non-traditional school so we want to make sure it’s a good fit!

If you have a question I haven’t answered here, reach out and let me know! Admin@therockenrichmentacademy.org. I’ll email you back and add it here!

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