TREA Newsletter: 11/14-11/18

Hello! Welcome to another week at The Rock! This will be our last week before Thanksgiving Break! The Rock will be closed for the week of Thanksgiving, November 21st-25th. If you need to access the full school calendar, it is here. A few changes to the calendar! I realized this past week that the calendarContinue reading “TREA Newsletter: 11/14-11/18”

TREA Newsletter: 11/7-11/11

Hello all! Thank you for all your wonderful food donations. I will be bringing them to get weighed this weekend–we’ve had the flu in our house so I haven’t been able to do it during the week. Winners will be announced Monday! 🙂 This next week is a busy one! Only two more weeks untilContinue reading “TREA Newsletter: 11/7-11/11”

TREA Newsletter: 10/24-10/28

Hello! Next few weeks are busy ones! Pantry Food Drive Coming Up! Next week is our fall food fundraiser. This will help our local food pantries stock up in time for our Thanksgiving rush! Everything will be weighed and delivered on Friday the 4th of November (so it says just one week, but you haveContinue reading “TREA Newsletter: 10/24-10/28”