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News Corner 11/09-11/13

Welcome to the second week of November! Just 6 weeks until Christmas! I am looking towards Advent Season beginning this year. This year, more than ever, so many of us need refreshing, renewing, we need stillness, and rest from the weariness that being human brings. I hope your children find that rest both at home […]

News Corner 11/02-11/06

Happy November! I’m kind of mentally stuck in April so I’m a bit baffled to be here. It seems like many of us are still playing mental catch-up. We have several things to note for this week. Make sure to read to the bottom so that you don’t miss any announcements! November’s healthy eating focus […]

News Corner 10/26-10/31

Fall weather has officially arrived and that means the inevitable collection of lost personal items. As we begin to have cooler days that require jackets, please make sure to be labeling your coats so that we can get them back to their owner. As a reminder we ask that you label several things: Jackets Lunchboxes […]

News Corner 10/5-10/9

Welcome to Fall! Hope you all are enjoying the cooler mornings! If you’re on the Monday or Tuesday campus, make sure you’ve read to the end! We have many fun things planned  for the month of October!   We will be kicking off a monthly nutrition focus on all our campuses! This month we will be […]