School Picture Print Ordering

All pictures are printed on an archival quality paper with a glossy pearlescent finish. Pictures will all be edited for proper cropping and lighting prior to being printed.

Instructions: Below, choose the package you would like to purchase. 1 print of the same photo per package. If you would like to order more than one photo, you must order them in separate packages. Please indicate the file name in the comments of your order.

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Please go to the PayPal link below or print off the order form and submit with cash or check to any teacher.

If you/ have any questions, please email and a yearbook staff member will respond ASAP!

Package One


Package Two


Package Three


  • 4-Wallets
  • 6-4×6
  • 1-8×10
  • 2-5×7
  • 4-Wallets
  • 1-8×10
  • 4-5×7
  • 8-Wallets

A La Carte Pricing

4-Wallets $5.00
2-4×6 $5.00
2-5×7 $12.00
1-8×10 $8.00

Class Picture Pricing:

1- 4×6 $2.00
1- 5×7 $7.00
1-8×10 $8.00

Further Information:

The pearlescent finish is beautiful and a good balance between traditional glossy and a heavier matte finish.

Choosing Black and White prints for a photo package is optional for no additional cost. Please note on your order form if you’d like your pictures to be black and white.

All pictures will be edited for proper cropping and light balance prior to printing.

To order via PayPal, submit the total payment in ONE payment using the Friends or Family option. In Notes (found under the payment amount), please include which packages and prints you are orders. If you want to submit specific requests for edits, feel free to submit payment and email

We WILL NOT be taking requests for the photos that appear in the yearbook. While we would love to accommodate those requests, there are too many students to be able to ensure that we honor these requests. We will make sure that the best picture possible will appear in the yearbook.

To order via paper order form, print off the below form and hand back to any teacher along with cash or check payment. Please make check out to TREA with Yearbook/School Portraits in the memo.

All orders are due by Friday, April 30th. Pictures will be returned by the last day of school, but we expect it to be within the first week of May.

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