Pre-K at TREA

For years, younger siblings have been watching their older siblings exit the car each week during the school year. Parents, you have repeatedly expressed the desires of younger children to participate in the program, and now, under the same mission statement with hopes to foster the love of learning, children ages 3-young 5 will have the opportunity! This will be offered on Tuesdays at Cedar Park West.

Pre-K students at TREA will have their own special schedule for the day. They will stay in the same classroom (no rotation) with the same teacher and teacher’s aide. The pre-K group will have their own designated lunch, recess, and rest time, even a separate playground. They will have a separate Christ-centered pre-K curriculum focusing on pre-emergent reading and writing, along with educational “centers” and progressive monthly lessons with number and letter themes and even Spanish. Of course, we will praise our Savior and learn bible verses too! 

Each month will focus on a group of letters and numbers, and we will progress through the alphabet and to #10. Mrs. Rodriguez will incorporate Spanish words and their pronunciations as well. Pre-k kiddos will have their very own curriculum, classroom,  2 teachers (to include a teacher’s aide) and even their own lunch time and playground. Cost is $150 per month and kiddos need to be potty trained.

Daily Schedule for Pre-K:

*Day begins at 9:15 (drop off as early as 9am, after the big kids arrive and settle in the sanctuary). 

9:00-9:30 Educational Centers
9:30-9:45 Calendar/Prayer/Circle Time
9:45-10:10 Lesson of the Day/Writing Practice
10:10-10:20 Spanish
10:20-10:40 Craft Activity
10:40 Potty Break
10:45-11:05 Snack
11:05-11:35 Playground
12:10-12:15 Potty Break
12:15-12:30 Song Time/Naptime Story
12:30-1:00 Naptime
1:00-Centers and Hands-on activities–playdoh, puzzles, etc. *Early pick-up option anytime btw 1:00-2:00
2:00 Parent pick-up

(Kiddos will be taught the same character trait and scripture as the older kids, although memorization will not be required). Each month there will be one character trait, coincided with different a bible verse each week).

Supply List for Pre-K:

-preschool wide ruled hand writing tablet
-Playdoh, 4 colors per child
-Smock or old shirt for painting
-1 Art sketchbook
-1 packages multicolored construction paper
-1 package Manila construction paper
-1 Glue bottle
-2 wide-grip pencils
-1 set of jumbo easy grip crayons
-1 set of washable markers
-1 package/box of baby wipes
-Box of Kleenex
-1 small bottle of hand sanitizer

The following items will come to school each day with your child and are to be kept labeled in-with a backpack:
-Mat for rest time
-Extra Sippy cup
-Change of clothes for accident

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