Lesson One: Mondays with Mrs. Fowler
Lesson Two: Tuesdays with Mrs. Rodriguez
Lesson Three: Monday March 30th with Mrs. Fowler
Lesson Four: Tuesday March 31st with Mrs. Rodriguez
Lesson Five: Live Preschool Lesson with Mrs. Fowler!
Lesson Six: Bonus Puppet Show Music Time with Mrs. Larsen!
Lesson Seven: Monday, April 6th with Mrs. Fowler
Lesson Eight: Tuesday, April 7th with Mrs. Rodriguez

Lesson One

Welcome to our first online class! This week we will be our first week of virtual classes. I have attached some helpful links that include activities that reinforce our learning.

Phonics: Letter T

Turtle printable! Click to download

Reading : Tortoise and the Hare

Spanish: tortuga – turtle

Math: Count to 10 in Spanish

Science: cold blooded animals and endangered* a new word review



Freeze Dance:

The Hokey Pokey:

Art: Turtle Hands

Use these instructions and your little’s hand to create a turtle.

Move and Groove

Stay healthy and feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Have a great week!

Lesson Two

Hello students! We will begin this week with a review of the calendar, days of the week, months of the year and seasons. 

Days of the week sing along:

Months of the year sing along:

Seasons sing along:

Spanish versions:




This week we will review letter T:

We will also learn about the letter U:

Click here to try this fun UNDERWATER craft activity at home! 

Download and print practice letter pages!

I miss you kids! 

Mrs. Rodriguez 

Lesson Three

Week 2 of online classes and here are some supportive materials for our new letter !

Phonics: letter /u/ Letter rap

Printable to work on writing. 

Reading : My “U” Book

Spanish: colors

Math: Practice cut and paste with shapes 

Science: How Umbrellas are Made:



Freeze Dance!

Hokey Pokey

Art: Fun creative umbrella activity

PE: Move and groove

Stay healthy and feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Have a great week. -Mrs Fowler 🧡

Lesson Four

Good morning everyone! Let us start with a review of the days of the week,
months of the year, and weather.

th-3.jpeg_ days of the week

Days of the week sing along:

Months of the year:

Seasons of the year:

Spanish Day of the Week:

Spanish Months of the Year:

Today we will be reviewing Letter U and learning about the Letter V. Click below and
sing along to our letters song!

letter U-4

letter V -4

How many words can you think of that begin with these letters!
Find some books at home that have your letters. How many letters
did you find?
Have some fun and make a letter V craft!

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 02.08.11

Practice writing your letters! Ask mom if you can use paint and your fingers!

Download a U and V worksheet!

Lesson Five

Lesson Six

Dear Music Students,

This video is for Pre-k through 2nd grade and anyone else who wants to laugh at me .

I got my kids to help with the puppets and actions.   We made a great video that ended up too long to share, so we had to start over.  My kids were good sports.   After many issues, we finally got two “good enough” videos.   Please realize I’m new to this online teaching and am learning so much and will get better!  So ignore the mishaps and enjoy!
-Mrs. Larsen

Click here to watch Mrs. Larsen’s Puppet Show!

Part Two!

Lesson Seven: Monday, April 6th with Mrs. Fowler

Phonics: letter /k/ Letter rap 

K is for King

King of Kindergarten:

Spanish Colors:


Science Experiment: What is in an egg?



Bunny Freeze Dance

The Bunny Hokey Pokey

Jesus is Alive

Print: Jesus is King Crown

PE: Move and Groove


Lesson Eight: April 7th with Mrs. Rodriguez

Lesson Objectives:

During calendar time this week in our Zoom class, we will practice our days of the week, months of the year, colors, and seasons in English and Spanish !

We will learn about the letter W and review letter V from last week!

Listen to the letter W song from ABCMouse!

Whale pic

During our Zoom class this week we will practice tracing our letters using writing tools we have at home! Please have the following available for your student during our classzoom:




                Or paint! ( If mom says its ok!)

Letter W worksheet

Writing “W” worksheet

Tracing “W” worksheet

W Connect the Dots

Have fun and practice your letters by creating some fun crafts !

worm craft
W is for Worm
whale craft
W is for Whale
W is for Watermelon


Bring your listening ears for our story-time book this week! See you soon!


How many things can you find in your house that begin with the letter W?

Get a book from your home library and count all the letter W’s that you can find!