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Lesson One: Martial Arts
Lesson Two: Sports
Lesson Three: Fitness ALL NEW!!
Lesson Four: Martial Arts ALL NEW!!
PE Suggestions for April 13th-17th
May 4th, A-Z PE Fitness Games

Lesson One

1. Students are to review the techniques required to earn the first and second pin stripe. Repeat each technique 5 times with controlled movement.

2. Share the Dojo Kun with a family member.

Advanced: Repeat movements up to 10 times each.


Dojo Kun

1-Harmonize Body, Mind and Spirit

2-Be Sincere in your Learning

Vocabulary-count 1-10 in Japanese


Jodan-Tuski (head punch) and Jodan-uke (head block)

Kick- Mae-geri (front snap kick) 4 count, 3 count, and 1 count

Kata- Rei (bow), name of kata, yoi


Dojo Kun

​3-Help one another learn the techniques

​4-Do not Criticize, Everyone is an Individual

Vocabulary- Hidari-left and Migi-right

Stance- Zenkutsu-dachi

Chudan-Tsuki (middle punch) and Chudan-uke (middle block)

Kick- Yoko geri (side kick with the front leg) 4 count, 3 count, 1 count

Kata- Rei (bow), name of kata, yoi, hiri-te

All patches on gi and can tie gi top and belt without assistance.

Lesson Two

Name of Activity: Sports on the Move
Grade Level: K-5/6
Objective: To engage in mental practice and make correct fundamental movements without equipment to improve performance.
1. Home Teacher will say a sport and movement and student will repeat that movement for about 30 seconds until a new movement is stated. Repeat each movement 2-3 times.
➢ Basketball: dribble with fingertips; dribble through legs; dribble
around back; jump shot and follow through; bounce pass; chest pass; overhead pass; defensive slide to front and back to start position
➢ Soccer: shot on goal (practice with both feet); inside of foot pass; outside of foot pass; long banana kick; juggle imaginary soccer ball; trap ball with thigh; trap ball with feet
➢ Baseball or softball: swing a bat; windup and pitch; field a ground ball; catch a fly ball; play imaginary catch
➢ Tennis: forehand; backhand; serve; volley
➢ Volleyball: serve, set, dig, spike
➢ Football: quarterback long pass; short pass; catch imaginary ball;
kick field goal; punt; catch a punt; block
➢ Golf swing
➢ Drive a NASCAR
➢ Lacrosse
➢ Martial Arts
1. Ask student to name the sport and movement.
2. Increase time per movement to 45 seconds

Lesson Three

Beat Your Best

Equipment needed:
1. A timer. Use any timer, a stop watch, cell phone, or…try the free Seconds Pro app. With this app, downloadable for free on any Smart phone or iPhone, you can easily set an interval timer.
2. An exercise mat
Warm-up: Jog in place for 60 seconds to warm-up and do 25 jumping jacks
*Set a timer for 45 seconds. Complete each of the five exercises for 45 seconds each. Count the number of repetitions for each exercise.
*Rest 15 seconds between each exercise.
*Repeat each exercise for round two and try to match or beat your previous rep count.
1* jump squats, or squats (make sure knees don’t go over the toes and hips are pushing back like you’re  sitting in a chair)
2*walking lunges (also make sure knees don’t go over the toes)
3*flutter kicks 
4*push-ups (make sure hands are positioned under the shoulders, can be performed on knees)
*Try 3 or 4 rounds of each exercise with the same goal to maintain or beat your best rep count
*Add in the following exercise: burpees
Be sure to stretch after and drink plenty of water! Great job!

Lesson Four


1. Students are to practice the first and second pin stripe the techniques. Repeat each technique 3 times with controlled movement while reciting the associated Japanese word.





+5 push-ups

*Jodan-Tuski (head punch) and Jodan-uke (head block)

+5 push-ups

*Kick- Mae-geri (front snap kick) 4 count, 3 count, and 1 count Kata- Rei (bow)

+5 push-ups


*Vocabulary- Hidari-left and Migi-right

*Stance- Zenkutsu-dachi

+5 push-ups

*Chudan-Tsuki (middle punch) and Chudan-uke (middle block)

+5 push-ups

*Kick- Yoko geri (side kick with the front leg) 4 count, 3 count, 1 count


+5 push-ups

++Don’t forget to …END WITH 10 BURPEES!
Have fun and remember a fit body is a healthy body! Great job all!

PE Suggestions for the Week of April 13th-17th

Hello parents!

   I hope you had an amazing weekend, full of rest and reflection on our amazing Lord and Savior! If your family has any fun traditions with Easter eggs, here are 2 fitness activity sheets to put those eggs to further use…

*For an additional challenge, or for those wanting a different activity all together, check out the fitness challenge below the activity sheets.

Activity: Flip A Coin


  1. Continue hand-eye coordination practice
  2. Increase heart rate, engage all major muscle groups, and have fun

Equipment needed: 

  1. Printed (or displayed) activity cards
  2. One plastic egg or one ball, similar to the size of a tennis ball, one per student
  3. One coin for flipping


*Each student will need one Easter egg, or tennis ball (or similar ball) and one coin to flip.

*This fitness game may be played solo, or with a partner. If with a partner, kiddos take turns flipping the coin.

*Perform each row of exercises, based on the outcome of each coin flip. If with a partner, do the exercises simultaneously (one does the exercise under “heads”, the other does the exercise under “tails”).

*Work through the list and repeat up to two times per card. (Images may be printed).


*Additional fitness challenge: 

2 days this week, perform the following 3 exercises for 2 minutes each.

  1. Push-ups
  2. Sit ups
  3. Jump squats

Record the max number of push-ups, sit-ups and jump squats you can do in 2 min. Then REPEAT all 3 exercises in a row again another day this week, but try to beat your previous count. Have fun, stay fit!

Additional PE resources:
Image (1)Image

May 4th A-Z PE Fitness Games

Here’s a little fitness fun for all! All you need is some space to move, a water bottle and a pencil and paper should your student choose to write down the exercises in order. Have fun!



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