Lesson One: Mrs. Larsen’s Recorder Lessons
Lesson Two: Mrs. Sargent’s 3/4 & 5/6 Viola and Violin
Lesson Three: Mrs. Larsen’s Puppet Show: Part Two Added!
Lesson Four: Mrs. Larsen’s March 31st Live Lesson: Jazz Month
Lesson Five: Mrs. Larsen’s Live Recorder Lesson

Lesson One:

Dear Music Students,

I will miss seeing your bright shining faces this week.  I hope you are enjoying lots of family time and making fun memories.   My kids have enjoyed planting seeds, sleeping in sleeping bags and building tons of LEGO creations (and I’ve taken my crazy dog on some cool bike rides!).

Even though things are different this week, we are so blessed with the technology to still do activities and learn!   So, I’ve recorded the 3 Little Pigs songs (little scary for me to send those out to be heard by many!, but I know y’all are so nice and full of grace!).

Below are the lesson ideas for this week.   Have fun, enjoy, and stay safe and healthy!

Mrs. Larsen

Links for Mrs. Larsen’s songs:

Three Little Pigs Intro Song
Huff and Puff
Worth It In The End
Come and Play

Sarasponda: with pop bottles!   I was so excited to find this video since we’ve learned the song in class!   For grades 3-6, teach a family member or pretend you have a partner and use whatever you have! Grades k-2 watch and sing along!   Feel free to try it if you’d like!


Now we have students at different levels with recorder in both grades so here are a couple ideas.  Remember to: “not wake up the baby.”

Do your tonguing (say do or too)

Don’t forget Louie left hand on top, Brewster the Rooster, Adam the Alien and Gabe the Unicorn

For those newer to the recorder:

Warm up:


For those who’ve gotten more familiar with recorder:

Warm Up:


Grades K-2 (also Pre-k)

I love this book.   It teaches about instruments and also has the message that we all have a song to share:

Lesson Two:

First, download complete Viola/Violin lesson plan with homework and helpful links.

Second, for extra help, the recordings to the music for play along are here.

For more help, go to Mrs. Sargent’s How-To Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKJqBYTMRHiu6zj5ZkoqAw?view_as=subscriber

To follow Mrs. Sargent’s Social Media pages, go here:



Lesson Three: Mrs Larsen’s Puppet Show

Dear Music Students,
This video is for Pre-k through 2nd grade and anyone else who wants to laugh at me 😎.
I got my kids to help with the puppets and actions.   We made a great video that ended up too long to share, so we had to start over.  My kids were good sports.   After many issues, we finally got two “good enough” videos.   Please realize I’m new to this online teaching and am learning so much and will get better!  So ignore the mishaps and enjoy!
-Mrs. Larsen

Lesson Four: Mrs Larsen’s Live Lesson March 31st: Jazz Month

Lesson Five: Live Recorder Lesson with Mrs. Larsen