Lesson One: Mrs. Larsen’s Recorder Lessons
Lesson Two: Mrs. Sargent’s 3/4 & 5/6 Viola and Violin
Lesson Three: Mrs. Larsen’s Puppet Show: Part Two Added!
Lesson Four: Mrs. Larsen’s March 31st Live Lesson: Jazz Month Part One
Lesson Five: Mrs. Larsen’s Live Recorder Lesson
Lesson Six: Live Zoom with Mrs. Sargent April 6th
Lesson Seven: Mrs. Larsen’s April 7th Lesson: Jazz Month Part Two, LIVE Zoom sessions added
Lesson Eight: Bonus Easter Puppet Show with Mrs. Larsen, great for Pre-K-2nd grade!
Lesson Nine: Monday, April 13th Live Lessons with Mrs. Sargent
Lesson Ten: Tuesday, April 14th with Mrs. Larsen
Lesson Eleven: Monday, April 20th with Mrs. Sargent
Lesson Twelve: Tuesday, April 21st with Mrs. Larsen
Lesson Thirteen: Monday, April 27th with Mrs. Sargent
Lesson Fourteen: Tuesday, April 28th with Mrs. Larsen
Lesson Fifteen: Monday, May 4th with Mrs. Sargent. **Zoom has been rescheduled to Friday, May 8th at 11:30**
Lesson Sixteen: Tuesday, May 5th with Mrs. Larsen
Lesson Seventeen: Monday, May 11th with Mrs. Sargent
Lesson Eighteen: Tuesday, May 12th with Mrs. Larsen
Lesson Nineteen: Monday, May 18th with Mrs. Sargent

Lesson One:

Dear Music Students,

I will miss seeing your bright shining faces this week.  I hope you are enjoying lots of family time and making fun memories.   My kids have enjoyed planting seeds, sleeping in sleeping bags and building tons of LEGO creations (and I’ve taken my crazy dog on some cool bike rides!).

Even though things are different this week, we are so blessed with the technology to still do activities and learn!   So, I’ve recorded the 3 Little Pigs songs (little scary for me to send those out to be heard by many!, but I know y’all are so nice and full of grace!).

Below are the lesson ideas for this week.   Have fun, enjoy, and stay safe and healthy!

Mrs. Larsen

Links for Mrs. Larsen’s songs:

Three Little Pigs Intro Song
Huff and Puff
Worth It In The End
Come and Play

Sarasponda: with pop bottles!   I was so excited to find this video since we’ve learned the song in class!   For grades 3-6, teach a family member or pretend you have a partner and use whatever you have! Grades k-2 watch and sing along!   Feel free to try it if you’d like!


Now we have students at different levels with recorder in both grades so here are a couple ideas.  Remember to: “not wake up the baby.”

Do your tonguing (say do or too)

Don’t forget Louie left hand on top, Brewster the Rooster, Adam the Alien and Gabe the Unicorn

For those newer to the recorder:

Warm up:


For those who’ve gotten more familiar with recorder:

Warm Up:


Grades K-2 (also Pre-k)

I love this book.   It teaches about instruments and also has the message that we all have a song to share:

Lesson Two:

First, download complete Viola/Violin lesson plan with homework and helpful links.

Second, for extra help, the recordings to the music for play along are here.

For more help, go to Mrs. Sargent’s How-To Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKJqBYTMRHiu6zj5ZkoqAw?view_as=subscriber

To follow Mrs. Sargent’s Social Media pages, go here:



Lesson Three: Mrs Larsen’s Puppet Show

Dear Music Students,
This video is for Pre-k through 2nd grade and anyone else who wants to laugh at me 😎.
I got my kids to help with the puppets and actions.   We made a great video that ended up too long to share, so we had to start over.  My kids were good sports.   After many issues, we finally got two “good enough” videos.   Please realize I’m new to this online teaching and am learning so much and will get better!  So ignore the mishaps and enjoy!
-Mrs. Larsen

Lesson Four: Mrs Larsen’s Live Lesson March 31st: Jazz Month

Lesson Five: Live Recorder Lesson with Mrs. Larsen

Lesson Six: Zoom with Mrs. Sargent, April 6th

Lesson Seven: Mrs. Larsen, April 7th, Jazz Months Part Two

Jazz Music Unit—Week 2:

K-2nd Live Session:

3rd-6th Session:


–The student will begin making the title page of their own “Trombone Shorty” book.

–The student will learn how to make a homemade instrument and be ready to show it at our classzoom next Tuesday where we will make musical gumbo.

–The student will listen to the recorder videos at conclusion of this lesson.


Hi Musicians,

Where y ’at?!

This week we reread “Trombone Shorty/”  If this was your first week in the classzoom, this was the first time reading this story with us.  We were able to appreciate how the illustrator added to the story.   His balloons floated in the pictures like the music in New Orleans floated all around the city, for everyone to hear.   The book ends with Trombone Shorty playing the trombone in a hot air balloon, representing how he added his own music to New Orleans. He eventually traveled around the world sharing his music.   Next week, we will take a look at a very famous place and famous people he played his music for!    Did you miss the reading of the story?   You can find me reading it on our Rock Facebook page.


1. Make your own homemade instrument like Trombone Shorty did.   Use what you have (don’t order on Amazon or go to the store: Trombone Shorty didn’t have Amazon 🙂    Be ready to share your instrument during our next classzoom.   There are tons of websites with homemade instrument Ideas.    Click here for instrument ideas.

2. Pretend you are four years old like Trombone Shorty and that you find an old instrument in an alley.  What instrument would you choose?    What name would your band have?  He called his band The 5 o’clock Band!

3. Create a title page for your book.  Draw a picture of your chosen instrument, print a picture, or cut out a picture.   Use paint, markers, or whatever art medium you’d like.  Include a title for your title page with your chosen instrument.   For example, if I choose violin as my instrument, my title page and book would be called “Violin Shorty” by Cassie Larsen and I would include a drawing of a violin.   Be ready to show your title page at our next classzoom.

Optional enrichment activities:

  1.   Help mom or dad make dinner.  Try making gumbo! Using a gumbo recipe, substitute any meat and vegetables that you already have at home.

Sample Gumbo Recipe

  1.  Try Improvising: Improvisation is how jazz musicians play music.   They take a simple theme and play it in different ways.  They don’t necessarily follow music that is written down.  They make it up as they go.   Play recorder or piano or whatever instrument you have.  Make something up.   If you can play “Mary had a Little Lamb,” try improvising a way to play it just a little bit differently.   It should still sound mostly like “Mary had a Little Lamb,” but maybe with a different rhythm or a couple added notes.  Now you are improving!

Recorder videos:

If you mastered the videos I sent previously, here are the next ones you can use to practice:

Beginning Recorders Players:

Warm up:


Advanced recorders:

Warm up:


See you next Tuesday,

Mrs. Larsen

Lesson Eight: Bonus Easter Puppet Show with Mrs. Larsen

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Lesson Nine: Live Recorded Lesson with Mrs. Sargent, April 13th

Practicing ukulele strum patterns: K-2

Lesson Ten: Tuesday, April 14th with Mrs. Larsen

Music class 4/14
Today we shared homemade instruments and played instrument gumbo.   Then we read a book about another Jazz trombone play, Melba Liston.   You can listen to the book reading on our website if you missed our zoom.   Next week we will compare and contrast the two jazz trombone players we’ve read about, and maybe start our next jazz story.
Most students still need to make their Trombone Shorty cover page with their instrument of choice.  I posted examples on our Facebook page that my kids made.
Additional ideas:
Learn more about the trombone:
My lesson last week included ideas for making gumbo and homemade instruments.
Here’s another recorder video.   If you haven’t learned the previous songs then you won’t be ready for new songs.   Make sure you learn those first.
The boat song includes a low E.
 How to play low E on recorder:

Lesson Eleven: Monday, April 20th with Mrs. Sargent

Print me! Ukulele Chord Flashcards

Print me! Violin Flash Cards!

Lesson Twelve: Tuesday, April 21st with Mrs. Larsen

  • Today we compared/contrasted Melba Liston and Trombone Shorty.
  • We learned some coronavirus rhythms.
  • We read “Sonny’s Bridge” about Sonny Rollins.    Sonny was inspired to learn saxophone as a kid when he saw a poster of a saxophone performer.   It got him excited and he imagined himself being just like that performer.
Homework:   Work on your jazz book:
1.   Make your title page!!!  I want to see them, either on our Facebook page or next Tuesday at zoom.   Remember this is the page that has an instrument you wish you’d find in an alley.
2.   Make page 2:   Name your instrument!!!!  Sonny named his saxophone Henrietta.   Bonus:   Name your band.  Remember Trombone Shorty called his the 5 o’clock band.   Make a page with these names.
3.   Make page 3:   a “poster or flyer” to go in your book.  This will be like the poster Sonny saw in the window of a jazz club that got him excited.  What would get you excited?  If you saw a sign for a Disney movie?   If you saw a sign that said Bob Ross was coming to paint in your town? (If he we’re still alive).   If there were a comedian or magician coming?
Have fun with these pages and share them!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
Remember, if you get frustrated, just like Sonny, take a break.  Find a new place to do your homework. Instead of the kitchen, how about the backyard.   Remember Sonny started playing on a bridge and he made new music in his new place.    Get creative!  Make mistakes!  I don’t want to see perfect pictures (what does perfect really mean?).   
Get creative and have a great week!
Mrs. Larsen
Recorder song only for those who have mastered the songs before:    If not, keep working on the songs I posted in the last few weeks.
This song has low d, e and f sharp.  So you’ll need to watch the video below about how to play those notes.   If you get frustrated and need help, feel free to email me and we can schedule time to work together: texashillcountrymusic@gmail.com.  🙂
How to play low d, e and f sharp:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
Warm up:
Coronavirus Song Notes:

Enrichment videos included below.

Puppet Show:

Guitar Lesson:

Lesson Thirteen: Monday, April 27th with Mrs. Sargent

Lesson Fourteen: Tuesday, April 28th with Mrs. Larsen

Music 4/28

In music this week we read about/listened to Louis Armstrong.  We also learned about Scatting and read a story about turning bubble gum into a scat song.
Keep working on your jazz story:
Title Page 1: _______(name your instrument) Shorty
Page 2:   Name your instrument and band
Page 3:   Poster/advertisement of someone who you’d love to see come visit town (remember Sonny was so excited to see an ad for a saxaphone player)
Page 4:  Who would you like to meet?    Trombone Shorty, Melba Lisbon, Sonny Rollins or Louis Armstrong?
Here are my kids’ books:
Here’s a fun video to watch of a cat singing scat:
Optional:   Try to write your own scat! I’d love to hear it next Tuesday.   
Recorder students
I made a recording of Baby Shark:

Lesson Fifteen: Monday, May 4th with Mrs. Sargent

Students should plan to work on their performance piece. Each student should choose a favorite song to perform for the class. We will go one at a time, unmuting each student, so that everyone gets the chance to participate. We will do this during our final week of class, Monday, May 18th.

Here are a couple music things to be working on in the meantime:



Lesson Sixteen: Tuesday, May 5th with Mrs. Larsen

I can’t believe we have one class left!  😢 I was just getting used to zoom and all this online learning.   Thank you all for being so flexible in learning a new way to learn.   It’s been fun learning zoom with such a great group of students!
So, this past Tuesday we read a story about Oscar Peterson, a real jazz pianist.  We learned that he really wanted to play the trumpet and started to as a boy, but then got very sick and his lungs couldn’t blow a horn anymore.  So rather than give up, he learned a new instrument.   What a great example to us!
Next week is our performance week.   We would normally be performing for our families at school together.   But like Oscar, we have to try something new this year because that opportunity isn’t possible.
So we’re having a zoom “talent” show.    I hope everyone participates, but if not, please be a respectful audience member.
–  It must be school appropriate.
-it must be 2-3 minutes or less so we have time for everyone
1.  You could could play an instrument
2. show us an instrument and tell us about it
3.  Read us part or all of your jazz story you’ve been working on (you could show us a drawing)
4.   Sing something for us
5.   Learn about a favorite musician and present it to the class
6.   Play a recorder song!
7.  Record something ahead of time with your family and share that
8.  Do a Dance (again, remember school appropriate)
9.  Think of your own idea but it has to be related to music

Lesson Seventeen: Monday, May 11th with Mrs. Sargent

Lesson Eighteen: Tuesday, May 12th with Mrs. Larsen

Zoom Recorded Lesson:

My heart is full right now.  Thank you to all the students who shared songs this week and who supported their classmates.  This was my first virtual concert.  Of course, I prefer live concerts but it’s still pretty amazing we can share this way.  I enjoyed hearing from everyone and seeing everyone too.  I was hesitant about zoom at first but I’ll miss seeing everyone on zoom.  Thank you for sharing your kiddos each week.  They are a ray of sunshine during these crazy times with their happy faces.   They are such a good example of staying positive.    I’m sending a few fun videos to watch.   I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer.
Mrs. Larsen
Bare Necessities virtual band:
Fantasia 2000 is a great way to watch classical music put to Disney animation if you get the opportunity to watch as a family.
Click here to see a description that there are a few scary parts).

Lesson Nineteen: Monday, May 18th with Mrs. Sargent