Lesson One: Art and Wisdom
Lesson Two: Peacemaker
Lesson Three: Persecution ALL NEW!

Lesson One

Students will learn to create art by converting words into symbols and pictures. 

We are currently working on a character-building art project that your student can duplicate at home. Have your child/student select a meaningful Bible verse, character trait, or fruit of the spirit. Ask them to brain storm and draw several examples of what that verse represents. When they decide on their final example (most of them have at school), have them sketch the drawing and include the verse or key words. If you do not have access to water color paint or pastels, colored pencils will work fine!

Items needed: paper, colored pencils, water colors, paint brush, oil pastels 


Lesson Two

Watch this video about a great peacemaker:

Character Building Assignment: Create a comic strip about being a peacemaker

Lesson Three

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for
theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10

Today’s Beatitude is a little different from the other
Beatitudes. You notice that it is the only one that
Jesus explains in a little more detail. All the
Beatitudes are in one sentence each. Except this one.
Verse ten gives us the one sentence Beatitude for today, but in verses 11-12 Jesus explains this last Beatitude in a little more depth. This tells us that
today’ s lesson is of course an important one, and one
that may be a little tougher than the others have
been. I don’t think that the concept of being
persecuted for righteousness sake is hard to
understand, but actually being persecuted because
you do the right thing can be very, very difficult.
So Jesus tells us the last Beatitude, and then tells it
to us again using slightly different words, so that we
can really stick this one into our minds.

We are persecuted when we are righteous. A few
weeks back, we learned that we are righteous when
we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and then we
do our best to follow him and be like him. What do
you think it means to persecuted? To be persecuted
means to be teased, harassed, or treated poorly
because of what you believe. At some point in our
lives every Christian will face persecution of some
sort. If you have never faced trouble for standing up
for what Jesus stands for, then chances are you can
do more to boldly follow Jesus. Proverbs 28:1 says
We need to be courageous, like lions, when it comes
to talking about Jesus and doing the things that Jesus would do.

Let’s brainstorm and make a list of things we can
do to follow Christ more boldly.

Send me an email with your information if you would
like. inst01344@gmail.com we will post our list next
week. I am eager to see your responses.