The Rock Enrichment Academy LLC Home School Program

Hours are 9:00am – 2:30pm. Classes begin promptly at 9am. Students may arrive after 8:45 and will go to their assigned homerooms.

Dismissal is at 2:25pm. The children will be in car pool lines, and your promptness is appreciated. TREALLC will charge a $25 late pick up fee if you are later than 2:45.

Please see the Tuition page for a summary of pricing. Please visit the Financial Agreement page for full details.

Students will be learning assigned Scripture passages throughout the year. Please help your child with this endeavor by studying the memory verses. They will also have character building time with their homeroom teacher for 30 minutes.

Please see the Supply List for items that will need to be purchased for each child prior to the 1st day of school. These items are to be labeled with your child’s name and kept in a pencil pouch and backpack, carried to classes each week. (Used items in good condition are acceptable).

For afternoon pick up in the carpool line, please make a sign with your child’s name and grade to be visibly place in the driver’s side windshield or driver’s side window (printed boldly, typed it in marker). For example:

SMITH, SUZIE (3/4) & JOHNNY (5/6)

Dress code will be enforced at all times. All students must wear their TREA t-shirt (provided at the Meet and Greet), blue or khaki bottoms and athletics shoes. Please see the Student Handbook.

Parents and siblings are welcome to eat lunch with their students. Students need to bring lunch, napkin and utensils from home. There are no microwaves available to the students, and sodas are prohibited. We are not a peanut or gluten free environment. Please make sure your student takes the necessary precautions to avoid contact with other student’s food.

We expect your child to behave responsibly while on campus. Discipline will be maintained by each teacher, beginning with 2 verbal warnings and then a written Behavior/Incident Report. If your child is not responding appropriately, he/she will be sent to talk with the director. If your child fails to respond to this warning, or if 3 Behavior/Incident Reports have been issued in one day, the parents will be called and asked to pick up the student from school.

Questions or concerns may be addressed to Angela Turner at, or you may call 512-584-4179.

Updated 4/18/2018