We will offer a ‘character building’ class, and each group of kids will have their homeroom teacher go through this for 20 minutes (Kinder) and 30 minutes (1st to 4th grade).

Kids are faced with many temptations and opportunities to make right and wrong decisions. How can we help them to make right decisions in today’s society when there is no longer a clear-cut ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ anymore? It is apparent that people care less and less about what is right, as long as something makes them feel good. This is true both inside and outside of a Christian lifestyle. We can make excuses for just about everything, and think that all is okay. But Jesus does not feel this way.

If we want our children to embrace and practice Christian values, we must model and teach them at home and at school. We believe that the home is responsible, but the school where your child attends must complement your values. God holds us ultimately responsible for training them.

We will study essential character traits that give us Christian values. They are biblically supported, and, thus, make them important to pass on to our children. There will be regular Bible verses (program wide and for all grades) each month to “support” each character trait. 

We will focus specifically on one trait at a time by defining, recognizing and applying it. We will read stories and engage the children in dialogue about the story and the traits in it. Also, once a month we will be praying for a group of people who do not know Jesus Christ. It will give them opportunity to learn cities and countries.

The heart of our program is Christ. We embrace Bible-based values, beliefs, and virtues because we want to honor God in everything we do (Col. 1:18).