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This campus has officially launched! We will be holding classes at Crosspoint Church at 3800 Shell Road Georgetown, TX.

This page will include: Annual Calendar, Daily Schedules, Supply Lists, and Google Classroom Codes, Course Descriptions, and Instructions. Upper and Lower School courses available!

Supply lists can be found here or downloaded:

Annual All-Campus Calendar:

Daily Schedule: 2023-2024

Georgetown Course Descriptions:

Lower School Courses:

Cooking with CultureHola, mi nombre es Susana “Susy” Rivera. I am so excited to have your children in my class! As a native Puerto Rican, I am extremely proud of my heritage and I am thrilled to share some of my culture with my class. We are going to learn Spanish through activities such as: singing, rhythm, playing some instruments like “maraca & güiro”, reading bilingual books, art projects, color, shapes, numbers and more. Some of my background includes, theater and drama which I will integrate as part of my teaching technique. I am looking forward to work with your children as they learn about the beauty of Spanish culture. Bienvenidos!Mrs. Lomas & Mrs. Rivera
SpanishHola! Bienvenidos a la clase de Español.
Hello! Welcome to the Spanish class! Beginning students will work on reading, writing and speaking, similar to how they learn how to read, write, and speak their first language. Returning students will strengthen their speaking with repetition on vocabulary and phrases as well as with songs and fun games. We will be using the Sonrisas curriculum and other Spanish books according to each grade level.
Students will explore Mexico, Central America and the culture of Spanish speakers as it is an important part of learning Spanish. 
Mrs. Lomas
Servant LeadershipServant Leadership will cultivate servanthood in student hearts during small group service projects and community service events.
The goal is for students to experience the intrinsic and heavenly reward in serving others through planned activities such as food, clothing and school supply drives; and to understand the impact of prayer and blessings written in letters and cards to heroes in our community, like first responders and veterans. Students will have opportunity to explore which acts of service they’re most passionate about; then have guidance in developing their own project. The ‘servant leaders’ in this class will present their service project at the end of the year. And whether they’re called to serve the young or old, mankind or animal kind, or maybe the land upon which we live, this “year of blessing” will have a huge impact, locally and maybe even globally!
Mrs. Rivera &
Mrs. Lomas
PEThis class consists of exciting PE stations and games of Physical Education / Sport Lessons. Students will love them while increasing their dribbling, catching, throwing, striking, kicking and movement skills.Mrs. Rivera
ScienceThis year we will learn about Life, Earth & Space, Physical and Engineering science concepts. Through a combination of brief lecture, hands-on experiences, and discussions, we will use the Scientific Inquiry Process to explore ideas and connect to our world. Mrs. Peebles
Music SpecialsMusical “Madness”/Glee Choir:
Let’s learn about musical theater and SING! During this class students will get to hear and learn about musicals from the 1950’s to present day. We will explore various songs and learn to sing as a group. This will be a high energy and engaging experience for all grades! From Oklahoma, Grease, and Disney classics. Our class will get into the sing of it!

Musikgarten “Cycle of Seasons”:
Come to the Garden of Music! Where K-2 will explore rhythm, pitch, tonal patterns, and a wealth of aural exploration.  This class will allow our younger students hands on small instruments and drumming in addition to movement and musical dances. 
Mrs. Pirotina

Upper School Courses:

Conversational SpanishFor the upcoming school year we will be partnering with Sonrisas Spanish to bring you a fun filled Spanish learning experience.
Through the application of Sonrisas Spanish students will have the opportunity to engage in three modes of communication interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational to increase both verbal and written skills.  Students will be given opportunities throughout each lesson to engage in conversation, provide and obtain information, and express feelings and opinions. They will be asked to present information, concepts, and ideas to both listeners and readers. Students will also be asked to engage in meaningful communication that reinforces and develops their knowledge of other disciplines through language driven, content-based lessons.
Each thematic unit aligns with an essential question that will connect students to their use of language in an intentional and meaningful way. Students will be creating partner dialogue for audience presentation with each introduced lesson. So come! Let’s learn some Spanish! ¡Vamos hablar español!
Mrs. Rivera
ScienceThis year we will learn about Life, Earth & Space, Physical and Engineering science concepts. Through a combination of brief lecture, hands-on experiences, and discussions, we will use the Scientific Inquiry Process to explore ideas and connect to our world. Mrs. Peebles
MS PhysicsPhun with Physics 
An activity-based class exploring the wonders of nature. We’ll separate light into the colors of a rainbow, launch model rockets to discuss the laws of motion, create electric circuits, build magnets, and use Helium to learn about sound waves and talk like chipmunks! These are just a sampling of the things we’ll do to better understand and celebrate God’s amazing creation.
Mr. Fantacone
MS BibleIn this class we will learn more about Jesus through the eyes of an eye witness of Jesus’s ministry, the apostle John. We will read through and discuss the Gospel of John, with the goal of it transforming our lives.
Students will need a Bible for this course.
Mr. Fantacone
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