At the Cedar Park East location on Wednesdays, we offer:

Science – Mrs. Cecil (K/1 homeroom)

Scientific Method Studies/Experimentation-

We will continue our exploration of the scientific method through experimentations in our physical world.

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Art – Mrs. L (1/2 homeroom)

Printmaking to Pointillism, light, tint and tone!! Let’s dive into light and shadow. Swim through early art with our own homemade medium and jump into the varied world of printmaking. All aboard!!!

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Spanish – Mrs. Rodriguez (3/4 homeroom)

Come,vamos hablar español! We will take a journey to other parts of the world where the language of Spanish is also spoken. Students will learn the language through dance, music, art and reading just to name a few. We will listen to stories, learn many songs, and keep ongoing vocabulary list. We will build our skills with monthly lesson plans tied into specific themes. Students will learn different cultures and customs, while focusing on conversation with each other. So come along, y vamos hablar español!

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Reader’s Theatre – Mrs. Raynor (5/6 homeroom)

This class will be broken into two sections; the first building up to the second. The first half will be based on popular plays. Students will work on verbal fluency and projection. We will analyze the plays and learn something new (culturally) about each one. These skills will build up to the second half, where we will focus “The Art of Persuasion”, which consists of debating, speaking and listening, as well as how to persuade, working mainly in a group setting.

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P.E – Mrs. Kaderli & Mrs. Turner

TREA in Cedar Park will offer a Kids Fit (dynamic P.E) class. Children will be encouraged to work together as they go through obstacle courses, exercise stations, speed and agility drills using body weight or cardiovascular intervals. Every class will encourage team work and individual challenges in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The end of class will be used to focus on stretching and flexibility, calming our bodies. As God made each of us with unique gifts and interests, competitive sports is not for everyone but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is. The ultimate goal is to inspire each student to learn about maintaining personal fitness, as well as reinforcing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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Science – Scope & Sequence

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Art – Scope & Sequence

Fall Semester

Skill 1: Light and Pointillism

  • Each year I begin with understanding light. This is essential to bringing our art to the illusion of three-dimensionality.
  • Using pointillism to express light

Skill 2: Shadow study

  • Exploring how and where shadow works.

Skill 3: Creating medium

  • We will explore the history and how to of egg tempera paint. Next, we will experience early artistic life by painting on wood panels like the medieval Italians.

Spring Semester

Skill 4: Tint and Tone

  • Pushing color to its limits!!! Every good artist must grapple with color’s duality.

Skill 5: Printmaking

  • We will delve deep into printmaking’s myriad forms, from lithography to Mono-typing.

Spanish – Scope & Sequence

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Reader’s Theatre – Scope & Sequence

Month                     Description

1 (Sept.)                 Stone Soup 3-5, Brown Bear K-2    Banjo, fiddle, accordion (introduce cultural influences)

Discussion about the purpose of the play (to entertain? Educate?)

2 (Oct.)                    Chicken Little (K-6)     Scandinavia; trumpet, clarinet, key harp, violin

Group read (3-5) Group and popcorn read (K-2)

3 (Nov.)                   Three Billy Goats Gruff     Group read, echo read, fluency

4 (Dec.)                                     The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything      Improv, discussion

How to prepare for a play/presentation

5 (Jan.)                                      The Gingerbread Boy      K-2 together, 3-5 groups

Discuss setting, time, reveal character

6 (Feb.)                   Begin debate and persuasion series       Discuss improv, define

Chat shows, role play, interviews

7 (Mar.)                  Debate topics 1 & 2, split into two groups (all grades)

8 (Apr.)                                      What is a persuasive essay? How to persuade, body language, etc.

Hot seating, news broadcast (students prep.)

9 (May)                   K-2 Persuasive book – Comic

3-5 Persuasive essay (peer edit)

P.E. – Scope & Sequence

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