At the Austin location on Fridays, we offer:

Music- Mrs. Larsen (K/1 homeroom)

Our music courses will have a strong emphasis on choral singing, culminating in an end of year choir concert.  Students will become familiar with melody, harmony, notation and rhythm. Grades 3-6 will learn the basics of reading music as they sing and play recorders.  Choral songs will include folk music, Broadway musicals and fun traditional pieces.  Students will have opportunities to use rhythm sticks, glockenspiels, boomwhackers and handbells (in a class bell choir).  They will also try some dances and learn about different composers.  Most importantly all grades will develop a love and appreciation of different kinds of music.

Equipping the Leaders of Tomorrow – Mrs. Hayward (1/2 homeroom)

This is a leadership class that will teach skills that every entrepreneur needs! We will be using creative thinking, math skills, interpersonal skills, and understanding what it really takes to lead a group of people whether it be building a business, creating a service project, or bringing a product to market! Even the very youngest can learn these important skills through fun hands on activities! My goal is to equip these brilliant little minds to think big, use their gifts and talents, and to have the skills to make the skys the limittheir reality!  

P.E. – Mrs. Newell (3/4 homeroom)

This PE course will incorporate movement through teambuilding games to develop cooperation among peers as well as agility, coordination and balance.

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Reader’s Theatre/Sign Language – Mrs. Dickson (5/6 homeroom)

In this course your child will have the opportunity to experience the interpretive activity that is reader’s theater. Reader’s theater is a strategy that combines reading practice with performing. Its goal is to enhance students’ reading skills and boost their confidence by practicing reading with a purpose. Your child will not only get the opportunity to use their voices to bring characters to life, but will learn to pepper in sign language to add flavor to their stories. In this course students will learn basic fingerspelling, signs for specific story enhancing words, and how to express oneself in a fun creative way. In reader’s theater students will learn to bring a character to life while needing no sets, costumes, props, or memorized lines. The performer’s goal will be to read a script aloud effectively enhancing the performance with learned signs enabling the audience to visualize. the action. Reader’s theater gives students a real reason to read aloud.

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Science/Art (Sc-Art) – On the last Friday of each month Mrs. Cecil and Mrs. L will combine the best of both subjects for a special, full day of instruction.

Pre-K – Mrs. Fowler


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Reader’s Theatre/Sign Language

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