The Rock Enrichment Academy is for homeschool students in K-6th grade. We offer a one-day program designed to supplement your existing homeschool curriculum. Classes vary by location. Certain classes are at Round Rock (RR), Cedar Park West (CPW), Cedar Park East (CPE), or multiple locations. Our Curriculum consists of:

We also have time for lunch and recess. Please see the Supply List for items that will need to be purchased for each child prior to the 1st day of school. Here is a brief overview of our classes.


This year we will dive into a world of color. We will hone our skills in the medium of Acrylic paint, colored pencil and water color. Like most professional artists, we will work continuously throughout the semester on more than one art project. Some of our topics will include:

  • Positive/Negative space (Our joint mural work begins)
  • Perspective
  • Rendering the elements
  • Human study

After working hard last year understanding light, I’m excited to bring our understanding and expectations of light to COLOR.

Full Details @ RR (Mondays) | CPW (Tuesdays) | CPE (Wednesdays)


Science at our Round Rock (Monday) and West Cedar Park (Tuesday) locations we will study botany, or plant biology.  Each campus will have a variety of learning activities for any students that attend more than one campus.  We will have a tower garden and box garden.  Please begin collecting any seeds from the fruits and veggies you each each day.  They don’t have to be labeled, just allow them to dry in zip lock baggies.  We will have many seed activities and will seeds throughout the school year. Each week, the students will have an open invitation to bring common but uniquely prepared or uncommon fruits or vegetables to share with their classmates as we will be encouraging one another to try new healthy foods and boost our “grow food” intake.  

In Science at our Cedar Park East (Wednesday) location, we will be participating in many hands-on science experiments, covering many of the different sciences including chemistry, biology, geology and physics.

Full Details @ RR (Mondays) | CPW (Tuesdays) | CPE (Wednesdays)


This year we will learn music through the context of two musicals that emphasize the character traits of honesty, integrity and sincerity.  Students will participate in one musical each semester, “The Boy who Cried Wolf” and “The Empty Pot.” Students will not only learn a variety of songs, but they will learn how to sing in a choir, with the fun benefit of being in a play. Many  musical skills are gained through choral singing, such as learning to follow a director, learning to sing on pitch, following musical cues, learning dynamics, musical expression and most importantly gaining a love of music.  Alongside our musicals, we will learn rhythm through drumming and play games to reinforce musical concepts.  As part of the games we will learn some social dances, such as square dance and Virginia reel.  Grades 3-6 will learn to play recorders as a unified group (this will require learning to read the treble staff, learning to read rhythm patterns, follow the conductor and play/follow along with CD or piano accompaniment).  

Full Details @ CPW (Tuesdays)


Come, let us learn Spanish! We will take a journey to other parts of the world where the language of Spanish is also spoken. Students will learn the language through dance, music and reading just to name a few. We will listen to stories, keep ongoing vocabulary list and build our skills with monthly lesson plans tied into specific themes. Students will learn different cultures and customs, while practicing conversational Spanish with each other. So come along, y vamos hablar español!

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Life Skills/Communications will be taught on Wednesdays at the Cedar Park East campus. During the Fall Semester we will focus on Life Skills. This will include examining emotions, stress management, time management, healthy life choices, thought diaries, manners, body language, constructive criticism, and confrontation and apologies. Spring Semester we will take all these learned skills and apply them to communications. We will address critical thinking, extemporaneous speaking, fears of public speaking, ethics, the power of listening/effective listening skills, logical fallacies, resilience to personal convictions while reflecting on the beliefs and stance of others, and the different forms of debate.

Full Details @ CPE (Wednesdays)

Reader’s Theatre

Reader’s Theater will be taught in Round Rock on Mondays. All grades will be working through the use of our bodies and voice in acting/presenting, Folktales and Fables, the Christmas story, poems and historical stories, as well as writing and presenting personal works. The main goal will be to learn the confidence and skills to be able to perform. For the younger students, the focus will be on enhancing their love of reading and their fluency skills.

Full Details @ RR (Mondays)

Martial Arts

We will be educating the physical, mental, and spirit via a very well rounded program called Martial Fit. Our country has become more multi-cultural than ever before. The universal language of karate is Japanese so we will get to learn and use some Japanese vocabulary. Some examples are basic counting, etiquette, and maybe even how to write some simple characters.

Each student will have an opportunity to earn rank which will increase the acknowledgement by allowing them to move faster into the leadership part of the program. We will be lead to be mindful and extremely mentally present throughout our techniques which will create more observations on how to use our energy, to develop more speed and power to the physical realm.

Full Details @ RR (Mondays) | CPW (Tuesdays)


P.E. (Kid’s Fit) at Cedar Park East on Wednesdays will offer a variety of fun fitness activities designed to increase teamwork, speed and agility, balance and to develop healthy habits. Students will learn the importance of stretching and relaxing both the mind and body via yoga inspired activities at the end of every class. We also will focus on developing a working knowledge of popular sports in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. God made each of us with unique gifts and interests. By divine design, not everyone enjoys competitive sports, but everyone can learn to enjoy maintaining personal fitness. The ultimate goal is to inspire each student to enjoy learning about and maintaining personal fitness, as well as reinforcing life-long healthy habits.

Full Details @ CPE (Wednesdays)

Character Building

The heart of this program is Christ and Christian values. We will introduce character traits and Christian values essential to living a healthy Christian life and serving others. We focus on one value at a time with stories and activities to reinforce that value in the child’s heart. Then we follow up the value training with discussion and opportunities for prayer to help us live out our Christian faith.

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