The Rock Enrichment Academy is for homeschool students in Pre-K thru 8th grade. We offer a one-day program designed to supplement your existing homeschool curriculum. Classes vary by location. Certain classes are at Round Rock (RR), Cedar Park West (CPW), Cedar Park East (CPE), Northwest Austin (NWA), South Austin (SA), or multiple locations.

Our 2019-2020 Curriculum, by location:

RR – Monday  (Pre-K, K-6, Middle School)

  • Music-Sargent
  • Art-Raynor
  • Martial Arts-Yochum
  • Science-Cecil
  • Middle School: Newell-Logic, Academic Writing, Problem-Solving, Cecil- Kitchen Science, Raynor-Math, Yochum-Martial Arts
  • Pre-K-Fowler and Schafer

CPW – Tuesday  (Pre-K, K-6)

  • Music-Larson
  • Art-Zimmerman
  • Physical Education-Newell
  • Science-Haker
  • Spanish-Lomas

NW Austin – Tues (Middle School)

  • Art History-Newell
  • Creative Writing-Hill
  • Music-Sargent
  • Kinesiology-Hill
  • Servant Leadership/Teambuilding-Cecil

CPE – Wednesday (K-6)

  • Reading Around the World-Fowler
  • Physical Education-Newell
  • Science-Cecil
  • Spanish-Rodriguez
  • Art-Raynor

NW Austin – Thursday (Middle School)

  • Math-Raynor
  • Linguistics-Hill
  • Psychology-Newell
  • Humanities-Newell
  • Science-Cecil

South Austin – Friday (Pre-K, K-6)

  • Equipping Leaders-Hayward
  • Life Skills and Communications-Newell
  • Physical Education-Newell
  • Music-Larson
  • Science-Art-end of the month feature Cecil and Lagmanson

We also have time for lunch and recess. A Supply List will be provided for items that will need to be purchased for each child prior to the 1st day of school.

Character Building

The heart of this program is Christ and Christian values. We will introduce character traits and Christian values essential to living a healthy Christian life and serving others. We focus on one value at a time with stories and activities to reinforce that value in the child’s heart. Then we follow up the value training with discussion and opportunities for prayer to help us live out our Christian faith.

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