CPW Upper School Offerings

For the 2022-2023 School Year, the following classes will be offered on the CPW campus. Depending on enrollment numbers, we will split into a MS/HS separated schedule.

Classes with an asterisk will be to TEKS standards and will quality for HS credit for students who complete the course.

More information will be added soon!

Tuesday Upper School Courses
CourseDescription/Materials NeededTeacher
OrchestraAll students will need to purchase a violin (more information pending)
*PsychologyFocus on Human Growth and Development. This qualifies for a Social Studies credit in TexasMrs. Newell-Frankenberg
*Government/EconomicsMrs. Phillips
*Philosophy and Academic WritingThis course will approach Philosophy, Modernism, Apologetics, and Mythology through the lense of C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy. We will also focus on writing a quality academic paper. This course meets a HS Texas ELA credit requirements.

Christiana Hale: Deeper Heaven: A Reader’s Guide to C. S. Lewis’s Ransom Trilogy, Romans Road Press 2020 [ISBN 978-1-944482-56-5]
C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy
Mrs. Newell-Frankenberg
Thursday Upper School Courses
CourseDescription/Materials NeededTeacher
Christian LiteratureMrs. Alupoaicei
Anatomy and PhysiologyCoach Martz
BibleMrs. Steele
Conversational SpanishMrs. Rodriguez
*Photography/YearbookDigital SLRs are not required, but would be helpful! We will split this into a Fall/Spring class. Fall will be heavy on photography skills and will meet the standards for a Texas HS photography (art) credit. Yearbook is also considered an extracurricular credit in Texas. Mrs. Newell-Frankenberg
BiologyMrs. Cecil
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