CPW Upper School Offerings

For the 2022-2023 School Year, the following classes will be offered on the CPW campus. Depending on enrollment numbers, we will split into a MS/HS separated schedule.

Classes with an asterisk will be to TEKS standards and will quality for HS credit for students who complete the course.

More information will be added soon!

Tuesday Upper School Courses
CourseDescription/Materials NeededTeacher
OrchestraWe will learn violin fundamentals. Students will learn to play a variety of pieces as well as discover more about the lives and spiritual beliefs of various composers. We will use fun methods to teach principles of music theory, history, and more. Students will give at least one concert at the end of the semester.

All students will need to purchase or rent a violin.

Students will also need to purchase a book:

Essential Elements for Strings – Book 1 with EEi: Violin https://a.co/d/aZjeWe5

Students who need to rent or purchase a violin must attend a violin fitting at our CPE campus, Victory Baptist Church in Cedar Park on August 17th between 12 and 1:30pm.
Mrs. A
*Psychology: Human Growth and Development.Focus on Human Growth and Development. This qualifies for a Social Studies credit in Texas.

Human Growth and Development provides an overview of human beings from birth to death. We will study the lifespan of human growth, their cognitive, language, and social development as well the psychological phases of development. This course will include the mental and emotional processes that occur during major life events such as infant milestones, adolescents, facing death and mortality, spiritual awakenings, and building a family. This will be taught from a Christian perspective that includes traditional Christian teachings regarding sexuality, gender, and God’s design for humans and families.

Students will need either a notebook or a binder with paper to take notes–whatever system works best for your student!
Mrs. Frankenberg
Government/Economics Course
This year we will explore the government of the United States in the first semester, and learn key concepts of Economics the second semester. The curriculum is Exploring Government and Exploring Economics by Ray Notgrass. 
In Government, we will start at its beginning to the present with an emphasis on the Biblical pattern for government and on the US Constitution. We will learn about the operations of federal, state, and local government, and about issues facing our nation today. Students will become better equipped to understand and be involved in our country’s government.
In Economics, we will travel through the world of economics to become a better steward of the money God provides and a valuable, informed contributor to the economy on the personal, household, local, national, and international level. We all play a part in the economy, understanding what it’s all about is worth the time!
Each course is worth ½ a high school credit if they complete each assignment, quiz, and test assigned. Each week we will be covering 1 unit, which consists of 5 chapters. Each week there will be 1 Unit project and 1 Quiz, as well as an additional reading assignment pertaining to the Unit. This class will be in depth and hands on, so please check Google Classroom weekly for updates, as well as videos I will be creating and posting. 
To get a high school credit students need their own copy of Exploring Government and Exploring Economics AND We Hold These Truths, and Making Choices. 
Mrs. Phillips
*Philosophy and Academic WritingThis course will approach Philosophy, Modernism, Apologetics, and Mythology through the lense of C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy. We will also focus on writing a quality academic paper.

This course meets a HS Texas ELA credit requirements.

Needed materials:
Christiana Hale: Deeper Heaven: A Reader’s Guide to C. S. Lewis’s Ransom Trilogy, Romans Road Press 2020 [ISBN 978-1-944482-56-5]
C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy
Writing material, students choice (pencil, pen, paper, chromebook, whatever works best)
Mrs. Newell-Frankenberg
Thursday Upper School Courses
CourseDescription/Materials NeededTeacher
Christian LiteratureStudents will use creative methods to read, explore and discuss various books, excerpts and pieces of Christian Literature, beginning from early Scripture onward. We will study influential Christian writers like C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Elisabeth Elliot, G.K. Chesterton, John Bunyan, Corrie ten Boom, and more. Students will have the opportunity to meet Christian writers and learn how to write and publish their own books, stories, articles, poetry, and more.

Students will need a composition notebook.
Mrs. Alupoaicei
Anatomy and PhysiologyWith the understanding that we have been fearfully and wonderfully made by God, Anatomy/Physiology will enable the students to develop an understanding of the relationships between the structures, functions and regulations of the human body systems with a biblical perspective.  Students will also become familiar with medical terminology, how different organ systems are interrelated and dependent on one another and how disease affects each one.  In addition the students will  learn the mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis within the human body.  This course will involve limited lab activities, projects, textbook material, models, diagrams and some clinical studies.  Coach Martz
BibleIn today’s world, it is apparent how little we as a world society use the Bible as a life guide.
“All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”   2 Timothy 3:16-17

The Bible is a fascinating record of God’s love and will for our lives. The key to understanding that is knowing how the Bible is organized, and how to apply it to our daily lives. This year, we will be studying the influence of the Bible on events in History, beginning with, well, the beginning, and continuing on into current times. In the Fall, we will focus on the structure and language of the Bible, and in the Spring the focus will shift to geography and culture. Class discussion and participation is encouraged. There will be a project due at the end of each semester to exhibit comprehension of the material studied. 

Students will need a Bible for this course.
Mrs. Steele
Conversational SpanishFor the upcoming school year we will be partnering with Sonrisas Spanish to bring you a fun filled Spanish learning experience.
Through the application of Sonrisas Spanish students will have the opportunity to engage in three modes of communication interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational to increase both verbal and written skills.  Students will be given opportunities throughout each lesson to engage in conversation, provide and obtain information, and express feelings and opinions. They will be asked to present information, concepts, and ideas to both listeners and readers. Students will also be asked to engage in meaningful communication that reinforces and develops their knowledge of other disciplines through language driven, content-based lessons.
Each thematic unit aligns with an essential question that will connect students to their use of language in an intentional and meaningful way. Students will be creating partner dialogue for audience presentation with each introduced lesson. So come! Let’s learn some Spanish! ¡Vamos hablar español!
Mrs. Rodriguez
*Photography/YearbookThis course will focus on Digital Photography and its many uses. We will learn all about color, light, composition, and even cover basics like all the weird options on your digital camera. Students taking this course will also be major contributors to the school yearbook, assisting with all portrait photography as well as taking photographs of events. Students will have a strong grasp on the basics of photography by the end of this course.

Digital SLRs are not required, but would be helpful! We will split this into a Fall/Spring class. Fall will be heavy on photography skills and will meet the standards for a Texas HS photography (art) credit. Yearbook is also considered an extracurricular credit in Texas.
Mrs. Newell-Frankenberg
BiologyBiology means “life” (bios) “studies” (logia) or the study of living things. This course will focus on the classification of living organisms and the study of how these organisms behave and interact.  Students will study a broad overview of biology, focusing on microbiology, botany and zoology
Mrs. Cecil
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