Please check back regularly for updates on TREA’s response to the Covid-19 virus

TREA’s Response to the Covid-19 Virus

A note from our director:

There is a great deal of uncertainty in our community today as Covid lingers. Last spring, we adapted to mandates enforced by the Governor and implemented online learning. Responses from our recent survey indicated the desire to convene on campus, and we believe you are as excited as we are to return in person.

2020-2021 course descriptions are being updated on the website, and we have developed additional health and safety standards. Please take time to read and familiarize yourself with our plan and expectations for the coming year regarding Covid-19. You will find it below.

It is extremely important that we all work together in managing all potential symptoms so that TREA may continue to provide in-person learning. While we recognize that sometimes a cough or runny nose is due to allergies, during this time we will enforce strict attendance policies. We must also rely more heavily on parent communication regarding potential risks and exposure within your family.

As we remain faithful and trust in the protection of the Lord to proceed as normal (and with the Covid prevention procedures), we must also be prepared to make adjustments.

Should we need to adapt further upon executive orders of the Governor, we are prepared with the following “Plan B”:

To operate at reduced numbers or a split schedule, and live stream classes for those who choose to stay home. 

Should numbers need to be reduced, available spots on campus will be granted based upon the date of enrollment. The 2020-2021 link to enroll has been released and spaces are filling up.

TREA staff is working this summer to improve and streamline our virtual platform. However, we are moving forward with the hope of providing a sense of normalcy to our school days, where the love of learning continues to flourish within our traditional schedule. Please join us in prayer and profess the scripture which tells us of God’s desire for children to flourish in the word, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them..” (Matthew 19:15).


TREA staff will follow current CDC guidelines and implement the following prevention practices:

-Staff will be prepared to take the temperature of children upon entering the building each morning and throughout the day as indicated. 

-Staff will thoroughly clean all common areas and classrooms upon arrival, between classes, and at the end of each school day.

Common areas include doorknobs, tables, chairs, and  bathrooms.

-When possible, teachers will change rooms rather than students rotate by class.

-The hall monitor will ensure bathroom surfaces, tables, chairs, doorknobs, and playground equipment have been disinfected with sanitizing spray each hour of the day or after use.

Student/Parent Responsibilities:

-Parents should check their child(ren)’s temperature each class day prior to arriving on campus.

-Students will carry hand sanitizer (provided by parents) with their personal belongings at all times.

-Backpacks, lunch boxes and individual supplies will be kept with each student throughout the day. There will be no personal items stored in common areas.

-When possible, students will only use their own materials and will not share supplies with other students. 

-Students will sanitize/wash hands before and after using shared supplies if required for specific tasks.

-Hand sanitizing stations (provided by TREA) will be located outside of every classroom door, as well as within the classroom. 

-Students will be reminded to use hand sanitizer each time they enter and leave a classroom. 

-Students will be reminded to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before eating, after use of the restroom, and after recess or a group activity. 

-Students must bring water bottles from home. Water fountains will be covered so that students may not drink directly out of them. The use of church water jugs or vending machines is prohibited. 

-Students will not bring shared food items this year for special events.

TREA’s Current Mask Policy:

-We are not requiring masks to be worn by students or staff during campus hours. However, any student or teacher may choose to wear a mask if so desired.

Teachers will not monitor whether a student keeps a mask on their face.

Large Group Policies:

-All school-wide gatherings and assemblies inside the school are cancelled until further notice.

-Upon arrival at school, students will proceed directly to their homeroom class.

-As much as possible, students will remain with their homeroom class throughout the day. 

-If allowed, per the building-use policy of each church, students will eat in their homeroom classrooms (rather than the lunch room) unless there is adequate seating and space to socially distance. 

-Only one class will be allowed to play in the same playground area at a time. If students play games in small groups or centers, they will be required to wash/sanitize hands before and after.

-At the end of each school day, students will be released for parent pick-up directly from the classroom to their parents and will not meet in common areas. 

-During morning drop off and afternoon pick up, parents will remain in the carpool line and inside their cars. Students will be escorted to and from their car. We will increase the staff available to assist and expedite this process.


Staying Home When Appropriate:

-Each teacher and child will have their temperature taken upon arrival on campus and will not be permitted to enter the school with a fever of 100 degrees or greater.

-To ensure those on our campus are symptom free, students must stay home if they have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

-Students must stay home if they or a member of their immediate family tests positive for COVID-19 or exhibits any of the following symptoms: fever, coughing, congestion, runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

-Staff or students that exhibit any of the symptoms listed above will be asked to go home, regardless of fever, suspected allergies or other previously diagnosed “non-contagious” condition.

Notification of Illness and Returning to School:

-The TREA director should be promptly notified of any student or employee that tests positive for COVID-19. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to notify teachers of home support needed during an illness that requires absence from school.

-If suspected or known to have COVID-19, a student may return to school once 3 days has passed since running a fever and upon improvement of symptoms; and once it has been at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared.

-If a student (or immediate family member) tested positive for COVID-19 but has no symptoms, they may return to school once 10 days has passed and since the test was taken.