North Austin- Psychology

Abnormal Psychology- Ms. Newell

Course Description

Abnormal Psychology takes a deeper look at the behaviors and neurology that leads to dysfunction—it is a psychology course studying the diagnosable disorders that exist in the field of mental health. 

We will be using a Christian textbook to support our learning and it does a great job of walking us through some of the politics and moral implications of different diagnoses (such as—is narcissism a real disorder or is it a sin issue?). 

We will focus on learning how to understand the behaviors and neurology/brain structure behind mental health issues and how to compassionately view those with mental health struggles. 

In a world where mental health diagnoses are tossed around in casual conversations, this will be a great opportunity for students to understand the reality behind mental health disorders.

This course will be a discussion-style learning experience that uses videos, articles, and excerpts from textbooks to support our learning. Homework will often be given to enhance the discussion, but will be optional as each student and family has different needs and capacity!

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