Cedar Park West- Science

Science with Mrs. Haker

Course Description:

The Mystery of Science

Why are so many toys made out of plastic?

What makes bridges so strong? 

Why do frogs say “ribbit?”  

Join CPW Science class as we investigate a quandary of exciting questions about the world around us. Each lesson adventure begins with an introduction video designed to get our science minds pondering. Next, students will participate in a lively class discussion, offering their best hypotheses for the science mystery topic.  The final component of our class concludes with a hands-on activity or experiment designed for a deeper understanding of the science lesson mystery. This course has many exciting extension activities that students can complete at home to reinforce their classroom knowledge. So let us jump in and solve some science mysteries together.  Who is ready to get started?

Lesson subjects:

September – Apples

October – Earth Science (Geography)

November – Mammals

December – Weather

January – Health/Nutrition

February – Insects

March – Birds / fowl 

April – Gardening

May – Science Projects

An exciting year of adventure awaits!

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