Cedar Park West-Art

Exploring Our World Through Art

Course Description

This year we will be traveling the world and discovering art in many forms. We will take time to explore and create as we travel to different countries to see what is art? How is it viewed and created? Where did it come from and why? 

In every country art is created for different reasons and made from all types of material for all purposes! We will attempt to recreate and discuss the history or the art and purposes behind it.

The elements of art are: color, form, line, shape, space, shadow, and texture. These elements are building blocks for creating a work of art. Each month, a project will be assigned and the project’s focal point will center around one of these primary elements. The main goal is to inspire students to improve their techniques and individual styles and expand their art portfolio. Students will create new masterpieces based on studying the earth’s oceans.  Our end-of-the-year exhibit promises to be a spectacular collection of exciting and unique oceanic-themed masterpieces composed of the main elements of art to display. 

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