Cedar Park West

Our CPW campus meets on Tuesdays for half and full day Pre-K and full-day 6th-12th classes and Thursdays for Pre-K half-days=, K-6th half-day STEM courses, and 6th-12th grade courses. 

This beautiful facility is located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country at Christ Episcopal Church. This campus is in west Cedar Park on FM 1431 at 3520 W. Whitestone Blvd. The facility is nature-centric with plenty of outdoor space, including a GaGa ball pit, a covered pavilion with basketball hoops, and a playground. This campus offers an inclusive PK and K-6th grade level courses.

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PK-6th Classes and Descriptions:

Pre-K with Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Nikel

Take a trip with our preschool class as we travel through the United States of America! Geography from A to Z will follow the alphabet through the various features of the earth, from the highest mountain peak to the deepest ocean trench. Let us sing, dance, count, build, paint, and play together! Students will take a closer look at God’s creation as we explore the fascinating world of geography science: birds, stars, weather, plants, animals, and more. Join us as we learn about God’s wonderful world!

Mrs. Haker-Science

Why are so many toys made out of plastic?

What makes bridges so strong? 

Why do frogs say “ribbit?”  

Join CPW Science class as we investigate a quandary of exciting questions about the world around us. Each lesson adventure begins with an introduction video designed to get our science minds pondering. Next, students will participate in a lively class discussion, offering their best hypotheses for the science mystery topic.  The final component of our class concludes with a hands-on activity or experiment designed for a deeper understanding of the science lesson mystery. This course has many exciting extension activities that students can complete at home to reinforce their classroom knowledge. So let us jump in and solve some science mysteries together.  Who is ready to get started?

Lesson subjects:

September – Apples

October – Earth Science (Geography)

November – Mammals

December – Weather

January – Health/Nutrition

February – Insects

March – Birds / fowl 

April – Gardening

May – Science Projects

An exciting year of adventure awaits!

Mrs. Raynor-Multicultural Art

This year we will be traveling the world and discovering art in many forms. We will take time to explore and create as we travel to different countries to see what is art? How is it viewed and created? Where did it come from and why? 

In every country art is created for different reasons and made from all types of material for all purposes! We will attempt to recreate and discuss the history or the art and purposes behind it.

The elements of art are: color, form, line, shape, space, shadow, and texture. These elements are building blocks for creating a work of art. Each month, a project will be assigned and the project’s focal point will center around one of these primary elements. The main goal is to inspire students to improve their techniques and individual styles and expand their art portfolio. Students will create new masterpieces based on studying the earth’s oceans.  Our end-of-the-year exhibit promises to be a spectacular collection of exciting and unique oceanic-themed masterpieces composed of the main elements of art to display. 

Mrs. Lomas-Spanish

Mrs. Larsen-Music

In my music classes we “experience” music every class, either through singing, musical movement, listening, learning instruments or playing musical games (to highlight musical concepts).   The focus this year will be on teaching through musical stories.  We will read many books this year that will bring us right into the lives of great composers and also use interesting books to introduce instruments and musical concepts. We will prepare for creative ways to share our music with families.  Older grades will learn the recorder and younger students will experiment with many types of instruments.  We’ll have fun and hopefully be inspired by other musicians as we go forward on our path creating our own stories.  

Coach Martz-Physical Education

We will focus on the cardiovascular and muscular systems in our PE classes. We will focus on fitness games and sports-related concepts that would not be possible without these fantastic God-designed body systems, emphasizing our health and nutrition habits that keep our bodies at their optimal condition.   In addition, we will continue to emphasize the basic fundamental gross and fine motor skills needed for physical and mental development to increase success in all physical activities. Other topics will include sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, building your student’s character, strength, and coordination for everyday life activities. Our goal is to have individual and team challenges throughout the year, including a Run Club and various nutrition challenges to build life-long healthier habits and results. 


Pre-K Half-days with Mrs. Rodriguez

Take a trip with our preschool class as we travel through the United States of America! Geography from A to Z will follow the alphabet through the various features of the earth, from the highest mountain peak to the deepest ocean trench. Let us sing, dance, count, build, paint, and play together! Students will take a closer look at God’s creation as we explore the fascinating world of geography science: birds, stars, weather, plants, animals, and more. Join us as we learn about God’s wonderful world!

K-6th STEM Courses:

Mrs. McAllister-Zoology

Welcome Zoologists!  Discover the wide world of animals on our awesome planet. Each week at STEM, students will take a detailed look at a different animal from around the globe.  Zoology is the study of animal life. STEM Zoologists will explore everything they can think to ask about the animal of focus each week. Our focus will include the anatomy, physiology, genetics, habitats, and interrelationships of each animal. We will discover the ecological and geological reasons each animal of focus lives where it does on the planet.  World geography + Zoology =  100% fun! 

Coach Martz-Nutrition and Physiology

Tuesday and Thursday Middle School/High School:

These classes meet from 8:45-3:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Chemistry will meet on Tuesdays at 3:30 until 5:15. Students who enroll Tuesdays have the option for staying for Chemistry.

Students have the option to take courses a la carte if they wish. Please note any desired a la carte courses when registering and we will contact you to work out schedules and cost. Taking Chemistry will come with an extra lab fee. Please contact us for more information!

A la carte courses are $45/month for typical Middle School courses, and $60/month for Chemistry, plus a $20 one-time lab fee, since it is an extended length class.

Students who are enrolled for full-day Tuesdays will not pay an additional $60/month, but they will need to pay the $20 one-time lab fee.

Completed daily schedules will be released soon!

Tuesday Courses:

Mrs. Sargent-Music

Each student will need to purchase a ukulele. Music class focuses on learning chords, learning to play as a team, and learning basics of reading sheet music. Students of all skills and backgrounds will enjoy this fun, hands-on, low-pressure class!

Mrs. Newell-Frankenberg-Psychology and Epic Disasters of Design and Engineering

This year’s Psychology course focuses on Personality Theories. In the field of Psychology, there are many different schools of thought when it comes to WHY we humans are the way that we are. What makes one person shy and another an extrovert? What makes one person bold and brave while another person is more cautious? We’ve all heard the answer “Nature vs Nurture”, but it goes much deeper than that! What does God say about our personality formation? What did Freud and Piaget and C.S. Lewis say? Theologians, counselors, psychologists, and doctors have ALL had the same questions, so this year we will explore all these theories and work our way to our own conclusions.

Epic Disasters of Design and Engineering
Humans have an amazing capacity to design, build, create, and replicate. They can take raw materials and turn them into works of wonder! Humans are also capable of missing small steps along the way and that can lead to interesting historical events and massive disasters. In this class we will take a very fun approach to structural design and engineering! We will study the history of major disasters, from the Colossus of Rhodes, to the Titanic, and the London’s infamous “Fryscraper” to understand what went wrong and figure out how to fix this issue. This is a hands-on class that’s a little bit science, a little bit history, and a lot of critical thinking.

Mrs. Cecil-Chemistry

We are bringing the periodic table to life in our Tuesday/Thursday science class.  Each week we will learn new things from the world of chemistry.  What happens when solids, liquids, and gases are heated and cooled? Are two atoms of the same element identical?  Can water stay liquid below zero degrees Celsius?  Can you light diamonds on fire?  How does plasma make a campfire flame orange?  How does dissolving a salt molecule in water make its atoms ionize?  Following the scientific investigation process, this course expands on basic chemistry concepts in inquiry-based lessons.  We will use an introductory chemistry course outline in class, and I will assign extra reading and review questions for those students who choose from the textbook The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean. Reading assignments will not be required but will be highly encouraged for high school students who want a firm understanding of chemistry for school credit.  

Mrs. Phillips- Traveling the World on a Budget

Welcome fellow explorers! Let’s go on an adventure around the world! We will focus on a new country every 2 months and fully submerge ourselves into their culture and everyday life. Let’s learn how we can honor God financially while also preparing for our world adventures and everyday life. You will be given a job with a monthly salary. With this, you will learn how to balance a checking account, create a monthly budget needed for everyday life, and save for your future. Our focus will include business, geography, and experiencing the unique beauty that God has created in all these different countries

Thursday Courses:

Mrs. Newell-Frankenberg-Yearbook

Last year’s Yearbook course was a huge success! We learned the basic elements of layout and writing copy, publishing and editing, and we even learned how to operate a business that covers its own expenses through using photography sales to cover the costs of having another company print our yearbooks!

As such, this year our yearbook will be even MORE student-led. Students will be the photographers, editors, and page designers. We will use our learned skills to produce a wonderful product that all our students can enjoy!

Mrs. Newell-Frankenberg has a three Chromebooks and two digital SLR cameras that are available to be used. Throughout the year, it will be helpful if students who already own these things are able to supply their own Chromebooks and/or cameras, but they are NOT required!

Mrs. McAllister-Early American Wars

In the first semester, we will explore the Revolutionary War.  Students will discover why this war is considered the war that led to the birth of a great nation. We will explore the significant events that transpired before and after this revolution, the revolutionary’s style of combat, the eventual outcome, and how these events shaped the world we live in today.  

In the second semester, students will examine the American Civil War.  We will explore the conflict that defined the United States, the various reasons for this war, this war’s style of combat, the eventual outcome, the results of the Reconstruction Period, and how this war shaped America today. 

Students will enjoy project-based presentations to enhance the learning objectives and participate in interactive learning activities of these early wars that shaped our country in its infancy.

Mrs. McAllister-Christian Literature

This year, students will work through four different books:

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

Restart by Gordon Korman

Prairie Lotus by Linda Sue Park

Our literary discussions will focus on literature as a reflection of the Christian culture. We will focus on developing students’ abilities to respond to and interpret these novels and discuss their thoughts on these literary texts through an open discussion and critical analysis, respectfully accepting others’ ideas and opinions, even if they differ from our own Christian world view.   We will actively examine the literary language and discuss different approaches to literary criticism.  The main goal of this course is to increase student confidence when responding to literature. Outside reading will be assigned (usually a chapter a week) to ensure meaningful discussions during class time. 

Below is the syllabus for Christian Literature. You may download it if you wish:

Coach Martz-Health Education

Middle and High School health will promote student learning concerning issues that affect their immediate and long-term health.  Maintaining a healthy way of living requires a balance of all six aspects of health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Environmental, and Spiritual. These health points are the Six Dimensions of Wellness and they are interconnected, one dimension building upon another. We will discuss the importance of each wellness point to achieve and maintain balance in our day-to-day lives.

Mrs. Rodriguez-Conversational Spanish

For the upcoming school year, we will be partnering with Sonrisas Spanish to bring you a fun-filled Spanish learning experience.  Through the application of Sonrisas Spanish and to increase verbal and written skills, students will have the opportunity to engage in three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational. Students will have opportunities to engage in conversation, provide and obtain information, and express feelings and opinions throughout each lesson. They will present information, concepts, and ideas, practicing their Spanish listening and reading skills. Students will also engage in meaningful communication that reinforces and develops their knowledge of other disciplines through language-driven, content-based lessons.  Each thematic unit aligns with an essential question that will connect students to their use of language in an intentional and meaningful way.  Our Sonrisas curriculum will help students acquire the language by providing comprehensible input in Spanish using gestures, illustration, everyday objects, artwork,  and more.  

¡ Vamos hablar Español!

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