Cedar Park East-Science

Adventures of a Science Wiz

-Mrs. Cecil

Course Description

Adventures of a Science Wiz

Learning science is an adventure, and becoming a science wiz is our goal.  Each week, students will utilize the scientific method to ask and then answer open-ended questions such as the following:

“What would happen if…….?”  

“What might have caused…….?” 

“What did you expect to find and why……?”   and

“How can you explain…..?”

These questions will lead students to make educated guesses, build on what they know, and add to what they want to learn. We will test these hypotheses by exploring a full array of exciting hands-on experiments, leading to more questions, new facts or theories, and broader discoveries. Thus, students are inspired to further their explorations,  deepen their analytical and critical thinking skills, and develop a deeper understanding of the scientific world around them.   

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