Cedar Park East

Our CPE campus is our original K-6th grade campus.  Our classes are Wednesdays at Victory Baptist Church, centrally located at 1775 E. Whitestone Blvd in Cedar Park.  On this campus, we have a large, indoor gym and several outdoor playgrounds. Our students enjoy team building and social interactions under the guidance of our gifted staff.  

Teaching and Admin staff on this campus include:

Mrs. Cecil-Science

Adventures of a Science Wiz

Learning science is an adventure, and becoming a science wiz is our goal.  Each week, students will utilize the scientific method to ask and then answer open-ended questions such as the following:

“What would happen if…….?”  

“What might have caused…….?” 

“What did you expect to find and why……?”   and

“How can you explain…..?”

These questions will lead students to make educated guesses, build on what they know, and add to what they want to learn. We will test these hypotheses by exploring a full array of exciting hands-on experiments, leading to more questions, new facts or theories, and broader discoveries. Thus, students are inspired to further their explorations,  deepen their analytical and critical thinking skills, and develop a deeper understanding of the scientific world around them.   

Mrs. Raynor-Art

Landscapes, Habitats, and Historical Adventures:

Students will journey to different times, places, and habitats as their focus points for drawing multiple environments. We will use childhood stories, facts/events in history, and famous geographic locations from the 14th-17th centuries.  This broad subject matter will allow students to first focus on minor skills, showcasing the main elements of art: color, form, line, shape, space, shadow, and texture, building up to larger-scale projects that showcase the principles of art: balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity/variety, perspective, color, and use of space.  Let us travel through time and expand our artistic skills together, growing our knowledge of art’s primary elements and principles.   

Mrs. Rodriguez-Spanish


Bienvenidos a la clase de español! 

We will partner with our friends at Sonrisas Spanish to bring you a fun filled second language learning experience. We will be engaging in conversation, playing games, participating in small art projects, and singing songs. Students will be reading bilingual books, role playing with each other, and traveling through the world learning about different cultures and geography,  all while learning to speak the Spanish language. So come join me, y vamos hablar español!

Mrs. McAllister-Math Fundamentals

Math is FUNdamental

Each week, students will use simple and fun games to increase fluency in the four math functions–addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.  Students will participate in engaging math games that are age and skill-level appropriate. Math games provide students hands-on practice of fundamental mathematical skills in a fun and exciting venue.  Math games increase the students’ practical proficiencies while building knowledge of concepts such as counting sequence, one-to-one correspondence, computation strategies, number combinations, place value, and patterns.  Additionally, game playing with classmates fosters social-emotional skills. Students practice showing patience with others, taking turns, and collaborating to problem solve.  Math is FUNdamental.

Coach Martz-Physical Education

Our focus in PE will continue to revolve around a variety of sports. However, regardless of your child’s sports interests, this class offers various fitness activities, games, and personal challenges to help develop self-discipline, teamwork, cooperation skills, sportsmanship, strength, conditioning, and coordination. In addition, emphasizing the basic fundamental gross and fine motor skills needed for physical and mental development increases success in all physical activities for sports and everyday life activities.  Most importantly, students will understand how God made our bodies for movement, and we should honor Him by treating them as the “temples” He designed them to be. 

Mrs. Newell-Frankenberg -Counselor, Admin

Ms. Newell will be on this campus to provide support to the staff and to provide counseling opportunities for our students and families. I am available to meet with your students individually and to provide in-class support if they need accommodations or adjustments or just a little encouragement!

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