Character Building 2022-2023

Each year we pick a Biblical theme to journey through in our Character Building classes. While most of our families come from a Christian faith, and this class is based on Biblical principles, it is beneficial to all of our students! We discuss how to reflect the characteristics of godly Biblical characters and how to love others–ours peers, families, and communities well.

This year for Character Building we are focusing on the importance of knowing God’s Word and why.  

Psalms 119:105 The word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. 

Most of the time we are taught as young people that we are just supposed to believe the Bible, which is all well, but we should also teach why it is important and how it leads us to a full life.

This year we will use Psalms 119:105 as our core scripture and unpack the why.   In our Character Building classes, we will have the opportunity to connect with Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit. We will also grow to understand that Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit are more than just Beings around us, but that the Word is actually their love letter to us and following The Word leads to a prosperous life.  


We will focus on: The Word

  • The difference between the written word, Logos, and the spoken word, Rhema.
  • The importance of knowing His voice


We will focus on: The Lamp

  • Through Jesus, who is our light, we become the lamp that lights the way.


We will focus on: Feet 

  • Our feet were made for walking in the right way and bringing the good news to our communities. 


We will focus on: Light

  • Who The Light is
  • How to remain in The Light
  • How The Light causes darkness to flee


We will focus on: The Path

  • There is a right one and a wrong one, but Jesus brought grace


We will focus on: Level Pathways

  • God is our way-maker, and our choices sometimes determine our paths.


We will focus on: Promises, Firm Foundation 

  • All of God’s words are true and dependable
  • He is faithful to His Word


We will focus on: Review

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