Cedar Park West-K-6th Course Descriptions

Tuesdays at Cedar Park West run from 9:00-2:30pm. All students rotate between five course classes: Spanish, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Science.

Thursdays at Cedar Park West from 9:00-2:00pm. From 9:00-12:00pm, students participate in STEM courses. For 2022-2023, these courses are Zoology and Physiology. From 1:00-2:00pm, students can also take Orchestra courses. Some families choose just one block of STEM, most choose both, and some families just come for Orchestra.

Tuesday K-6th Course Descriptions

MusicIn my music classes we “experience” music, either through singing, musical movement, listening, learning instruments or playing musical games (to highlight musical concepts).  Older grades will learn the recorder and younger students will experiment with many types of instruments.   We end the year with a fun, creative performance.   Mrs. Larsen
ScienceK-2nd grade will complete various science stations including plant life, animals, weather, earth and space. Our 3rd-6th grade classes also consist of multiple science stations including physical, earth, and life science. The topics are: ecosystems, natural resources, erosion, adaptations, space, properties of matter, changes to matter, mixtures, energy, weather and water cycle, and plants. All classes will conduct weekly experiments, data collections, and discussions.Mrs. Barney
PEDuring PE in Cedar Park on Tuesdays we’ll focus on the cardiovascular and muscular systems; from fitness games and sports-related concepts that wouldn’t be possible without these amazing God-designed body systems, to health and nutrition habits that keep them optimal.   In addition, the basic fundamental gross and fine motor skills needed for physical and mental development will be emphasized to increase success in all physical activities. Some other topics will include sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation and will be directed toward building your student’s character, strength and coordination for everyday life activities. Our goal is to have individual and team challenges throughout the year, including a Run Club and various nutrition challenges that will help build life-long ‘healthier’ habits and skills.
SpanishHola, mi nombre es Susana “Susy” Rivera. I am so excited to have your children in my class! As a native Puerto Rican, I am extremely proud of my heritage and I am thrilled to share some of my culture with my class. We are going to learn Spanish through activities such as: singing, rhythm, playing some instruments like “maraca & güiro”, reading bilingual books, art projects, color, shapes, numbers and more. Some of my background includes, theater and drama which I will integrate as part of my teaching technique. I am looking forward to work with your children as they learn about the beauty of Spanish culture. Bienvenidos!Mrs. Rivera
ArtThis art class will be based around specific artists and their masterpieces, as well as some teacher’s selections. Students will review and learn the elements of art through these works of art. 
Objective: Students will review things like form, texture, and shape. We will be looking at specific artists and their artwork, and give students the opportunity to create their own version of some  well-known classics. We will learn about different events that influenced these artists, and the art-era in which they helped create. 
Mrs. Raynor

Thursday K-6th STEM and Orchestra

STEM: Nutrition Science
During the Nutrition Sciences STEM course at Cedar Park West, students will increase their understanding in the areas of nutrition as related to health, fitness and overall wellness. The Nutrition and Wellness course will emphasize an understanding of today’s food and eating trends and will help students evaluate sources of nutrition information and make better informed decisions.  We will also investigate how nutrients are taken in by the body, broken down and utilized.  This will include water, proteins, carbs, and fats plus vitamins and minerals.  In addition, we will be looking at the ways the foods we put into our bodies affects not only our physical health but also how it can affect our mental health, mood, energy and brain function.  We will also dive into other topics such as what influences food choices, nutrition guidelines, nutritious food safety and preparation.   Best part? We just might be conducting some experiments you can eat!Mrs. Arntson
STEM: Zoology
Exploring Creation through Zoology
Students will learn about life through creation. Students will learn to identify animals through observation and documentation (journal entry).
Objective: To teach students how to identify and categorize animals in the animal kingdom. Students will learn about the complexities of life and nature through a creation-based lens. 
Mrs Raynor
1:00-2:30 p.m.
This class is open to all K-6th students.
Intro to orchestra. Violin, viola, cello
Beginner students will learn how to hold their instruments correctly, read music and perform in a concert. We will perform a holiday concert in December for friends and families.
Advanced Orchestra
12:00-12:45 p.m.
Advanced orchestra on Thursdays will be learning music in 3-part harmonies. This class is for students with at least one year experience. Students must have knowledge in how to correctly hold their instruments and basic beginner note reading on the D and A strings.
For violin, viola, cello only.
Advanced Guitar


CPW 12-12:45, 1-1:45 K-2 & 1/45-2:30 3-6 

In our guitar class, students will be given an introduction to playing, reading and performing music as we learn to love the guitar. We will learn the language of music and build a foundation for music theory as we dive right in and learn to play songs together as a group. Students will learn how to practice, how to listen together, and how to take care of our instruments. We will explore a variety of styles and build confidence together, then bring it all together at the end of the year to play what we have learned. My goal as a guitar teacher is for my students to learn to communicate music so they can learn, write, and continue to play music on their own

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Mrs. Nicole
Musical Theatre
2:30-3:30 K-8th grade
I have taught music at The Rock for the last seven years.  I’ve also taught music theatre camps, where students have learned and performed a musical in one week.  My camps have had a unique twist, because I have written my own scripts.  Some of my original musicals include, “Lilly’s Pirate Adventure” and “The almost awful Olympics.”     

In this theatre class we will play theatre games, learn songs, how to speak in front of an audience, learn about creating a set and props, and, the best part, put on a spring show!  Theatre is a wonderful way for kids to be creative, in a safe space.

What do I love about music theatre?
Students get to:
-sing songs!
-tell stories in a fun creative way
-be artistic with props and scenery
-play fun games 
-learn to be brave in front of an audience
-Increase confidence
-there is something for everyone in theatre!
Mrs. Larsen
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