Cedar Park East Course Descriptions

ScienceOur bodies are unique, wonderfully made, gifts from God!  Join us on Mondays as we explore the human body.  We will focus on nine human body systems; the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, urinary, immune, and integumentary systems.  As we explore each of these in detail, we will discern its purpose, main organs, specific functions, and how it works so that the body functions as God designed. Students record details learned from class activities and experiments in a science journal to see the wisdom of Psalm 139:14. (“I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe.”) Mrs. Steele
MusicK-2nd: Ukulele
In this music class, students will be given an introduction to playing, reading, and performing music as we learn to play the ukulele! This class will enable students to communicate music in order to learn, play and write music on their own. We will learn about the language of music and build a foundation for music theory while we dive right and learn to play songs together as a group. Students will learn how to practice, how to listen to each other, and how to take care of our instruments. We will explore a variety of styles and build confidence together, then we will bring it all together at the end of the year to perform what we have learned. 

3rd-6th: Guitar
In our guitar class, students will be given an introduction to playing, reading and performing music as we learn to love the guitar. We will learn the language of music and build a foundation for music theory as we dive right in and learn to play songs together as a group. Students will learn how to practice, how to listen together, and how to take care of our instruments. We will explore a variety of styles and build confidence together, then bring it all together at the end of the year to play what we have learned. My goal as a guitar teacher is for my students to learn to communicate music so they can learn, write, and continue to play music on their own.

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Mrs. Nicole
ArtStudents will continue to practice previous skills while they build skills to clarify or ILLUSTRATE something. This course will focus on the ability to interpret the spoken word into pictures and art. We will also work on drawing people and creating movement.
Objective: To improve a student’s ability to change a thought, idea, or word into a picture. 
Mrs. Raynor
PEPE in Cedar Park on Wednesdays will continue with a sports focus, including lifetime sports and activities. Regardless of your child’s preference of sport, a variety of fitness activities, games and personal challenges will help develop self-discipline, team work, cooperation skills, sportsmanship, strength and coordination. In addition, the basic fundamental gross and fine motor skills needed for physical and mental development will be emphasized to increase success in all physical activities for sports and everyday life activities.  Most importantly, students will gain awareness of how God made our bodies ‘to move’ and how to better treat them “as temples”.
SpanishCome! Vamos hablar español! Let’s take a journey to other parts of the world where the language of Spanish is spoken. Students will learn the language through dance, music, art and reading just to name a few. We will listen to stories, learn many songs, and keep an ongoing vocabulary list. We will build our skills with bi-weekly lesson plans taken from Sonrisas Elementary Spanish Curriculum.  For our returning and older students, we will continue with Sonrisas Level 2. Students will learn different cultures and customs, while focusing on conversation with each other. So come along, y vamos hablar español!Mrs. Rodriguez
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