News Corner 11/30-12/4

Welcome back! We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Just a few things to note for this week:

  • If you’re on the Monday, Round Rock campus be on the lookout for information regarding today’s missed classes due to the church flooding. We are rapidly working on a plan to ensure we can continue to hold classes. Please be praying for the church as they mitigate the water (literally) and all the frustrations that come with such property damage.
  • Tuition is due this week! You can pay via PayPal, bank bill pay, or hand money to any teacher at drop-off or pick-up!
  • CLASS PICTURES are next week on every campus. We will be selling picture packages as well, so students are not required to wear their blue TREA shirts on picture day!
  • Order your yearbooks now! Prices increase as the year goes on. Be sure to include a ShoutOut to your favorite student!!

Have a wonderful week!

News Corner 11/16-11/20

Hello! I hope you all had a good weekend. We have several fun things on the horizon, so make sure to read through the end!

Next week all campuses are off for Thanksgiving Break!

  • It’s not too late to get in a Book Fair order! I think last week’s link didn’t work (and I just realized it!). So sorry! Here is the correct link:
  • Make sure to submit tuition if you haven’t yet. You can pay online here!

We are starting to collect donations for Blessing Bags for homeless around Austin! We will be collecting blankets, socks, shelf stable and easily openable foods (fruit cups, beef jerky, granola bars), and toiletries!

Blessing Bags assembly will be different this year, we will NOT be holding a multi-campus potluck and gathering

We WILL be donating all items collected to a local church that assembles bags–this allows us to avoid close contact and potential germ-sharing while still allowing us to bless our community!

Yearbooks are for sale! Click below for more information on ordering, shout outs, and more!

If you have any pictures you’d like to submit, you can do so by going to the Balfour site! Download the Balfour Image Share App, enter your email address, name and code 129814 to share your pictures.

Order a 2020-2021 Yearbook TODAY! Prices increase after Christmas!
Make sure to add a SHOUT OUT for your awesome and hard-working student!
More information on sharing your own pictures to be added to the yearbook can be downloaded here:

School picture days are the week of December 7th-10th on ALL campuses

News Corner 11/09-11/13

Welcome to the second week of November! Just 6 weeks until Christmas! I am looking towards Advent Season beginning this year. This year, more than ever, so many of us need refreshing, renewing, we need stillness, and rest from the weariness that being human brings. I hope your children find that rest both at home and at school at The Rock!

If you haven’t paid tuition yet, you can pay via PayPal as a Friend/Family to @ATurnerTREA or hand a check to any of our teachers at drop off or pick up!

Click here to be redirected to PayPal to immediately pay your tuition!

Yearbook design in in full swing! And we need your help! If you have any pictures you’d like to submit, you can do so by going to the Balfour site! Download the Balfour Image Share App, enter your email address, name and code 129814 to share your pictures.

Click here to ORDER your own yearbook for the 2020-2021 school year! Make sure to add in a Shout Out to your favorite student!

For more information on purchasing yearbooks, shoutouts, and the Image Share app, download flyers below!

There’s still time to order from the Book Fair!

Order from Usborne today!

This book sale directly supports The Rock scholarship fund.

School portraits are coming up!

On December 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th yearbook staff will be on each campus taking pictures! Students can dress in whatever clothes they wish to wear–blue Rock shirts aren’t required. There will be retakes in the Spring!

News Corner 11/02-11/06

Happy November! I’m kind of mentally stuck in April so I’m a bit baffled to be here. It seems like many of us are still playing mental catch-up.

We have several things to note for this week. Make sure to read to the bottom so that you don’t miss any announcements!

November’s healthy eating focus is on YELLOW foods! Yellow foods can be anything from yellow squash to bananas and mangos! Vitamin A can be found in many of these foods as well as cancer fighting antioxidants and vitamins!

This year we are doing yearbook a lot differently! In year’s past we have tried to compile it after the year is over. This year, our Middle School students on Monday’s Round Rock campus are running yearbook and we have contracted with Balfour to print and produce them for us! As such, YEARBOOKS ARE ALREADY FOR SALE.

Yearbooks will be printed and all shipped to Ms. Newell in June. We will plan a family day at the park to see our fellow Rock families and distribute yearbooks in early July.

Order your yearbooks here:

You can also add in a “Shout Out!” page for your student to show how proud you are of them! Yearbook prices are the lowest they will be all year right now! Prices go up after Christmas.

Please begin donating supplies for our annual Blessing Bags Drive! This can include socks, blankets, cans of food, packets of tuna, small water bottles, small hygiene supplies–anything we might easily assemble for an individual experiencing homelessness.

Blessing Bags will be a bit different this year! More details to come!

Please make sure your students have pencils, markers, hand sanitizer, and water bottles each day! We are trying our best to not share supplies to cut down on germ sharing!

Tuition reminder! It IS the first week of November so tuition is due! If you need help playing catch up or you don’t remember what you owe, please contact Ms. Turner at

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

News Corner 10/26-10/31

Fall weather has officially arrived and that means the inevitable collection of lost personal items. As we begin to have cooler days that require jackets, please make sure to be labeling your coats so that we can get them back to their owner.

As a reminder we ask that you label several things:

  • Jackets
  • Lunchboxes
  • Water bottles
  • Backpacks (a luggage tag is also ok!)
  • and any little containers that might get lost in the shuffle from lunch

Please make sure to send your student with water bottles each week. On a couple of our campuses, we do not have access to our own collection of cups or extra water bottles. We don’t want your child to go thirsty or for them to feel bad about asking for a cup of water!

We will be hosting a book fair on each campus this week. We will have an outside table for parents and inside $5 and $10 tables for students. Please send your child with money in an envelope if you wish for them to participate!

Keep up the good work on eating healthy ORANGE fruits and veggies! It’s fun seeing students get excited about all the healthy foods they’re bringing each week!

We love celebrating birthdays with our students and so we wanted to clarify birthday treats policy since it’s changed a bit this year: individually wrapped treats are acceptable.

This can include:

  • Individually packaged store-bought cupcakes
  • Individually wrapped store-bought cookies
  • Small goody bags of non-food items you packaged at home (with clean hands!)
  • Please do not bring homemade items to share as we cannot distribute those to students!
  • If you have any questions, you are always welcome to email any of the teachers!

News Corner for the Week of 10/12-10/16

Hello! We hope you all had a good three day weekend.

Tuesday campus’ voting is in full swing! We started off with a crazy busy morning. Today is the first day of voting, so hopefully it will calm down in the weeks ahead. We are so thankful for your flexibility! Make sure to drop off/pick up at the handicap spots north of the sanctuary.

October Tuition is due! Please contact Mrs. Turner if you need help with payment options:

November tuition will be due the first week of November, so if you need some help playing catch up, let us know!

We have many pumpkin themed activities on the horizon. If you’d like to donate pumpkins for our activities, we’d love them! You’re welcome to send them to class with your student. Big and small are needed!

Reminder: We have an Usborne Book Fair coming up!

  • The fair will be held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 25th through 27th, with the option for parents to order at an outside table right after drop off. Students will be able to purchase books during their lunch hour. 
  • For students, there will be a $5 and a $10 table. Please plan to bring cash sealed in an envelope if they’d like to purchase any books. There will be a great selection of books—all previewed to ensure they line up with the Christian mission of our program.

Make sure to say “Happy Birthday!” to our wonderful Monday Music Teacher, Mrs. Sargent! She is a talented asset to our teaching team! Her birthday is 10/17!