News Corner 5/03-5/07

Hello! Lots of information this week as we wrap up the school year!

First, to clarify the new payment and tuition policies for the coming year: In previous years we have collected fees and first month’s tuition upon enrollment. We have changed that to where we are now collecting fees and LAST month’s tuition. This does not in any way impact the current year so, if you paid for the whole 2020-2021 school year in advance, you are paid up. If you paid your tuition monthly during the 2020-2021 school year, you still owe May tuition.

For the 2021-2022 school year, you will pre-pay your May tuition, pay tuition in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April and then you will be done with tuition for the year. This change ensures that families abide by the 30-day written notice policy for withdrawals and aligns with most school tuition payment policies. You are still allowed to pre-pay the whole year if you wish and you are allowed to work out payment plans if need be. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance or still have questions. Both Mrs. Jay-Turner,, and Ms. Newell,, can answer any questions you might have!

Please check your email for information on end of year programs. I’ve also linked the information here if you need it!

You have one last day to get picture orders in! I’m about to hit “Purchase” on our order, but wanted to give yearbook staff the opportunity to participate in the process during class today. Get your orders in by 5Pm!

Order your yearbook today! We are almost sold out!

News Corner 4/26-4/30

Hello! So sorry this is being released late.

A few reminders for the week:

We have one more chance to fulfill summer reading lists! On 4/29 on our NWA campus and 4/30 on our South Austin, we will have a $5 student table set up and another table for parents.

We will be hosting summer camps every Monday in June and August on our RR campus. Sign up emails will be coming soon! We are waiting to verify our July dates before we release all the details. The RR church hosts their VBS program in July so we are waiting for their summer calendar to be shared.
Camps will take place from 10am-2pm. All camps will be a combination of science, art, and fun summer activities. In June there will be a music option with Mrs. Sargent.

Portraits are still up for sale! Our delay in getting everything completed means you have a few more days to order your student’s pictures.

Follow this link to view pictures:

You should have an email with the password. If you don’t have the password, email

As of late this afternoon, all student and class portraits will be uploaded. I will send out an email reminder with the link when everything is complete! Thank you for your patience.

The order link will remain open until Friday 4/30!

Buy a yearbook! The students are working hard to make a beautiful product! Yearbooks will be delivered at the end of June and we will host a special yearbook signing picnic camp for picking your yearbook, reuniting with friends, and getting your yearbook autographed!

Order your yearbook here:

News Corner 4/19-4/23

Hello! Can’t believe we have just a few weeks left! We have three full weeks of class and then May 11th (CPW and NWA MS), 12th (CPE), 13th (STEM and NWA MS), and 17th (RR) will be our end-of-year celebrations on all of our campuses. We will be hosting outdoor family picnics so make sure to find your picnic blanket and get ready! We will have a schedule of events in next week’s News Corner.

Bad weather and absent students has made getting ALL the pictures done a bit rough! We are still working on class pictures for a couple campuses. As we get pictures taken, they are uploaded. ALL pictures will be taken this week so if you needed redos and we haven’t talked, speak now or forever hold your peace! Email with any questions.

Picture orders are due by the end of the week! I will be placing orders on Monday 4/26 after school! You will get one more reminder to place your orders. Check your email for the password to the portraits page.

We have one last Friday event before we close out this year! Register here to join our Friday families for a fun day exploring famed children’s author Beverly Cleary through reading, theatre performance, and art!

Yearbooks are still for sale! You can send pictures to if you’re having a hard time with the upload information we provided in last week’s News Corner

We will be having one last bookfair! It is open to all TREA families and will be at our NWA & SWA campuses on Thursday the 29th (NWA) and Friday the 30th (SWA).

All currently enrolled families should have received a link to register for next year. If you did not receive this link, please email and I’ll get it to you ASAP! If you are a returning family, you may ALSO register at this time, please email to get the links! Registration for new families opens on 4/30.

Special News Corner–Registration now OPEN!

Quick update to let you know that registration for the 2021-2022 is now open for all currently enrolled and/or returning families.

You may access the registration pages here or the link above.

Please do not share this link with new families yet as we want returning families to be given priority registration.

TREA will be opening registration to new families 4/30/21.

If you have any questions about registration or next year’s classes and offerings, please feel free to contact Mrs. Jay-Turner at director@therockenrichmentacademy or Ms. Newell at admin@therockenrichmentacademy. We will be working to update offered classes and campus options over the next few weeks.

News Corner 4/12-4/16

Hello all!

We have four full weeks of classes left! So, the yearbook needs your help. If you’ve taken pictures this past year of events around school, please considering allowing them to be a part of the yearbook! You can get all the information you need to upload them to our secure yearbook by downloading the form below or by downloading the Image Share app on your phone’s app store and using project number: #129814. Images uploaded by others are secure and only the yearbook staff can see what has been shared.

Mark your calendars and get your summer reading lists ready! We will have one last book fair on Thursday, April 29th on our NWA campus.

Yearbooks are still for sale. TODAY (Sunday 4/11) is the last day to purchase a Shout Out ad, but the yearbooks will still be available for purchase until the end of May! Don’t delay and miss out!

It is NOT too late to buy a portrait package or take picture redos. We are STILL working on getting full class photos–please make sure to come to school each week so we can get your students pictured with their class!

You should have an email from with portrait ordering information. If you did not receive that email, check your spam first and then email yearbook to gain access! New families will continue to get photographed as they arrive and all pictures for all classes will continue to be uploaded as we get them. Picture orders do not close until April 23rd!

Have you seen our new hoodies and t-shirts? Coach Martz is collecting orders this week! Ask her for an order form if you’ve misplaced the form handed out last week. All shirts and hoodies are dress code compliant!

News Corner 4/5-4/9

A few things on the agenda this week!

If you did not receive the email about Student Portraits, please email if you were hoping to place an order. The email included the password that you will need to access the portraits pages.

Shirt order forms will be going home with students this week! Please plan to return order forms by April 15th! Please make sure to include your name/campus/grade/contact information on form!

For more information, go to our Gear Page!

For our end of year celebrations, we are changing things up a bit this year. Typically, we do an indoor celebration where families get to tour the classrooms and view student work and/or student performances. To uphold the rules set out by the churches we are renting from, and to ensure the safety and health of our families, we will be having outdoor gatherings instead.

Bring your blankets and your lunch and join us for picnic celebrations. Each campus will have their own separate celebration:

Round Rock Monday, May 17th
Cedar Park West Tuesday, May 11th
NWA MS Tuesday, May 11th
Cedar Park East Wednesday, May 12th
NWA MS and STEM Thursday, May 13th

Check back next week for more details and times!

And finally! Some have struggled to figure out how to get notifications when we post News Corner updates! If you enter your email above, you should easily be able to subscribe. This will mean that you get the News Corner delivered directly to your email account.

News Corner 3/29-4/2

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Yearbook staff is working as quickly as possible to get all Spring Portraits uploaded and available for parents to browse and order prints. We’ve added new students this week so we are redoing a couple class photos just to make sure we include as many of our classmates as possible (don’t want people to feel left out!). You will see an email by the end of this week with the password to the portraits page as well as information on how to order prints. The company we are working with to create our prints did a WONDERFUL job in the Fall and we are looking forward to working with them again.

Yearbooks are still for sale! Make sure to order one today!

Please make sure your students arrive with a water bottle each week! On many of our campuses we do not have access to water fountains due to Covid.

Next week a new month begins! This means tuition will be due. Feel free to PayPal Mrs. Turner or hand a check or cash in a labeled and sealed envelope to any of our teachers.

News Corner 3/22-3/26

Welcome back from Spring Break! We hope you had a wonderful week off! Just a few things to cover this week.

It is Picture Day on all campuses this week! Redos, new students, class pictures, and teacher pictures! You may wear your blue Rock shirt or dress however you’d like. Sales links for portraits will go up next week!

We still have some families that have not paid March tuition. Please remember that there is a late fee after the 10th of each month. If you would like to pay tuition in full for the remainder of the school year, that late fee may be waived. Please contact Mrs. Turner to arrange payment! You may email her at

We only have 8 weeks of school left! Remember the RR campus will be meeting the week of 5/17 for end of year celebrations, while other campuses will finish the week prior. Please be on the lookout for information on registering for next school year, summer campus, and end of year projects! We will be emailing more information in the coming weeks.

News Corner 3/8-3/19

Welcome to the latest edition of News Corner yet! So sorry.

A few things on the books for the next couple of weeks:

It’s Spring Break next week! See you back on March 22nd!

Between tummy bugs, wind, clouds, and miscommunications, we decided to push school pictures to after Spring Break. I apologize for the confusion! I know it is frustrating getting your kids ready for pictures only to discover things have changed. The week of Monday the 22nd we will be photographing all new students, redos, classes, and teachers. Thank you for your patience!

Tuition was due March 1st! If you still need to play a bit of catch-up, you can pay via PayPal or contact Mrs. Turner at

Please remember to pack a water bottle for your student AND a lunch that does not need to be cooked or microwaved. We do not have regular access to refrigerators or microwaves on all campuses!

News Corner 3/1-3/5

Hello all!

A few things to cover this week:

  • Tuition Reminder
  • Adding pictures to yearbook
  • School Portraits and Class Pictures
  • T-shirt and Sweatshirts
  • Purchase your yearbook today!

Tuition is due this week! Make sure to hand it to a teacher or pay it via PayPal at:

If you’re wanting to help contribute to the yearbook, please go to the app store on your phone and download Image Share by Balfour. You will enter your information and code: 129814

You may share images that you’ve taken with the staff to help fill our pages with all the fun memories we’ve created this year! Please email if you have any questions!

You can also download more information here:

Class portraits, individual student portraits for redos and new students and teacher portraits are ALL next week! Feel free to dress in whatever you’d like to wear! The following week, ALL portraits taken this year will be released for sale if you missed the opportunity to purchase your student’s pictures the first time around!

Now is the perfect opportunity to get in your orders for long-sleeved, comfy short-sleeved, and sweatshirts! All shirts are dress-code approved! The long-sleeves are super comfy and the neckline is great! Orders will be submitted to the printer soon, so get yours in today!

Yearbooks are still for sale! You can also purchase a “Shout Out!” for you student to tell them how proud you are!

Follow this link to purchase!

Reminder: We have book fair on all K-6th campuses next week, March 8th-11th! There will be a $5 kids table and a parent’s table with more options.

News Corner 2/22-2/26

Hello! Welcome back to school after our week “off” from real life! Hopefully all are beginning to see restoration of power, electricity, pantries, and normalcy!

This week we will be holding classes on ALL of our campuses! The Tuesday campus did have an external pipe burst, but it should not impact our school day. If that changes, we will notify the CPW families as soon as possible! If school is canceled, you will receive a text message as well.

If you did NOT receive the emails and texts last week during all of our chaos, please let me know by emailing We want to make sure that all of our families are in the loop and don’t ever miss an important piece of communication.

Student, Teacher, and Class Portraits are being moved to the week of March 8th. We definitely didn’t anticipate that our ice storms would impact our ability to wash clothes and take showers! We want to give everyone ample time to get back into the routine of things before having to worry about looking pretty for school. This also ensures that we won’t be taking pictures next week as thunderstorms are predicted the week of March 2nd-5th.

Yearbooks are for sale and the price goes up March 1st! Get yours today while they still cost less!

News Corner 2/15-2/19

A very chilly hello to all! I know so many of our families are cold and struggling with power. Praying for everyone as we wait for warmer weather!

I am sorry the delayed post! As I am sure you all have seen, we’ve been doing a lot of work on the backend to make sure everyone is updated about our plans. As of now, all on-ground classes have been canceled. We have been hoping to do Zoom classes, but between teachers without power or internet and Zoom being overloaded, that has not been possible. All teachers are posting options on student Google Classrooms to ensure that if you WANT work to do, you have access to some things. Nothing is required!

Student, Teacher, and Class Portraits will take place on all campuses next week! If your student was photographed in the Fall and you’d like a redo, we will also be doing those! If your student is new, they will automatically get a portrait taken unless you submit a request for them to not be photographed or added to the yearbook. If you know for sure you’d like a redo and you haven’t already spoken to Ms. Newell, email to make sure we get your student on the list!

Yearbooks are for sale and the price goes up March 1st! Get yours today while they still cost less!

I am sure many of you are wondering about make up days for this week! We are working out the details, but we would love to offer our families who have been so patient with a free day of summer camp to make up for our lack of on-ground classes this week. Each summer, we host camps that combine art, science, history, poetry, and other subjects to create a cohesively themed day. More details will follow in the coming weeks!

News Corner 2/8-2/12


There’s lots to check out this week. This week we cover:

  • Valentines Day
  • Yearbook
  • New t-shirt and replacement t-shirts
  • Class pictures, redos, and new student portraits
  • Tuition reminder, discount available!

We have gotten lots of questions about Valentines Day. All students are welcome to bring sweet cards to their friends and classmates to show their love. Class totals can be found in the parent directory–this was emailed mid-year from If you can’t find the email or are a new family, email the above address for information!

  • Yearbooks are for sale! You can order yearbooks by going to the Balfour website.
  • If you’re wanting to purchase a “Shout Out!” for your student (a small block of space where you can boast about your child!), I’m attaching an information sheet and linking the FAQ.

Pricing goes up on the yearbook March 1st–get yours now!

We have heard your cries for new shirt options! We are now offering hoodies, a new style of t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirts, as well as the option to purchase additional “regular” shirts online! All shirts, regardless of color, will be considered within dress code! (My sensory sensitive kids are rejoicing! )

Follow this link to get your order in during our initial launch!

All apparel will be delivered mid-March. Orders close March 1st.

We successfully completed our first ever student-led round of school portraits and orders. They learned a lot about photography, profits and losses, and how to create and market a product. If you ordered pictures, the yearbook staff thanks you! They’ve all worked so hard to turn plans into action!

If you weren’t a part of TREA when we took portraits in December OR your student got a picture taken that wasn’t picture-perfect, we will be taking portraits in the Spring as well!

More on redos: I’ve already caught a few pictures I’d like to retake already (good opportunity for students to critically evaluate what we are producing), but if you know for sure you’d like your student to do a re-take, make sure to email and request a redo! Parents will have the option to purchase both Round 1 and Round 2 pictures. Orders will open March 1st (after our shirt campaign closes), will close March 15th, and will be available for students after we return from Spring Break the week of March 22nd.


Finally! Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If you decide to pay your tuition now through the end of the year (February, March, April and May tuition at one time), you’ll receive a 5% discount!

As always, have a blessed week and please reach out if you need help with anything!

Ms Newell: admin@therockenrichmentacademy, Ms Turner: or Mrs. Cecil:

News Corner 2/1-2/5

Hello! Welcome to February!

A few reminders this week:

  • If you’re wanting to order portraits of your student, today is the last day to do so! You may go here to view pictures and the order link is at the top of the page:
  • The pictures page IS password protected. If you did not receive an email from me with that password, please email for access
  • Yearbooks are for sale as well! You can order yearbooks by going to the Balfour website.
  • If you’re wanting to purchase a “Shout Out!” for your student (a small block of space where you can boast about your child!), I’m attaching an information sheet and linking the FAQ.

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy week!

News Corner 1/18-1/22

Hello! We hope you all had a good first week back after the break. I know it’s hard to get back into the swing of things.

First things first!! The yearbook staff has finally hit “Publish” on all our portraits! It’s been a lot more work than we anticipated, but we all learned a lot and students did SO much of the work. We should be proud of all their learning.

To view the portraits, follow this link!

This will take you to a linked page that includes portraits from each campus along with the order forms and information. If you see errors or have questions, feel free to email

Every week we have kids who forget their water bottles! We DO NOT have access to drinking fountains or cups. Teachers are purchasing water bottles for students out of their own pockets. Please provide water bottles for your students.

President’s Day will be Bad Weather Make Up Day for the RR Campus!

Make sure you’re filling out a health screening each day for your students! You can fill it out online or on paper!

News Corner 12/7-12/11

Hello all! Lots of things are happening in the next couple weeks as we wrap up our Fall semester. I can’t believe it is almost Christmas Break!

Tuition is due for the month of December–you can pay via PayPal or by handing a check to any of the teachers at pick up or dropoff.

Music performances will be Monday, December 14th for all Round Rock students and Tuesday Middle School students. We will be hosting a mask-required set of performances during the school day. More details will follow in a separate email.

Our Tuesday campus is so strict about parents being on campus that we are unable to host a parent-attended Christmas performance. We will be holding a holiday student-only assembly on Tuesday, December 15th during the regular class time hours.

This year we have collaborated with our art students to create and sell Holiday Cards! You can purchase your own set of 10 blank cards for $12 here or by messaging Mrs. Turner @ 512-653-2323

School Pictures are this week! We’ve already finished all portraits on the Round Rock campus and we will be continuing to take them on the other campuses. Students do not need to wear their blue shirts. Whole class photos will be in the Spring. Links to purchase portrait packages will be live soon!

Finally, yearbooks are still for sale! Our Yearbook Staff is working hard to make it the best yearbook yet! Order yours today!

News Corner 12/14-12/18

Merry Christmas! This is our last week of classes before Christmas Break! Classes will resume 1/11/2021.

This week we have a LOT happening on each campus! Thankfully, it’s all fun stuff!

At our Monday, Round Rock campus, we hosted a morning Ukulele concert for parents and students! The K/1 and 1/2 class did a wonderful job! This afternoon, the 3/4 and 5/6 will be hosting a violin performance.

We will be holding Christmas celebrations in many of our classes this week. Students are welcome to bring treats for friends as long as they’re individually wrapped.

If you still haven’t ordered your YEARBOOK, now is the time! Our yearbook staff had SUCH a fun time taking pictures last week for most of our students. If you missed last week’s individual pictures, Ms. Newell and the yearbook staff will be doing redos this week and we will be available to take more after the Christmas break. Class group pictures will take place in the spring.

If you want to contribute to the yearbook with pictures you’ve taken at events, we have an information sheet about how to do that! Download the forms below!

By the end of next week, December 25th, parents should get an email in their inbox with proofs of their students. This email will also include a link to purchase pictures packages. The pictures turned out ADORABLE so we know you’re going to want a couple! The email will be coming from, so if you don’t see anything by Friday, check your Spam and feel free to contact us to make sure you weren’t lost in the shuffle.

Stay safe and healthy over the holidays! We are so grateful that you all would trust us with your children. We know this has been a stressful time for so many of our families and we are blessed to have your children at The Rock!

May your 2021 be a year of rest and healing and beauty.

See you in the New Year!

News Corner 11/30-12/4

Welcome back! We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Just a few things to note for this week:

  • If you’re on the Monday, Round Rock campus be on the lookout for information regarding today’s missed classes due to the church flooding. We are rapidly working on a plan to ensure we can continue to hold classes. Please be praying for the church as they mitigate the water (literally) and all the frustrations that come with such property damage.
  • Tuition is due this week! You can pay via PayPal, bank bill pay, or hand money to any teacher at drop-off or pick-up!
  • CLASS PICTURES are next week on every campus. We will be selling picture packages as well, so students are not required to wear their blue TREA shirts on picture day!
  • Order your yearbooks now! Prices increase as the year goes on. Be sure to include a ShoutOut to your favorite student!!

Have a wonderful week!

News Corner 11/16-11/20

Hello! I hope you all had a good weekend. We have several fun things on the horizon, so make sure to read through the end!

Next week all campuses are off for Thanksgiving Break!

  • It’s not too late to get in a Book Fair order! I think last week’s link didn’t work (and I just realized it!). So sorry! Here is the correct link:
  • Make sure to submit tuition if you haven’t yet. You can pay online here!

We are starting to collect donations for Blessing Bags for homeless around Austin! We will be collecting blankets, socks, shelf stable and easily openable foods (fruit cups, beef jerky, granola bars), and toiletries!

Blessing Bags assembly will be different this year, we will NOT be holding a multi-campus potluck and gathering

We WILL be donating all items collected to a local church that assembles bags–this allows us to avoid close contact and potential germ-sharing while still allowing us to bless our community!

Yearbooks are for sale! Click below for more information on ordering, shout outs, and more!

If you have any pictures you’d like to submit, you can do so by going to the Balfour site! Download the Balfour Image Share App, enter your email address, name and code 129814 to share your pictures.

Order a 2020-2021 Yearbook TODAY! Prices increase after Christmas!
Make sure to add a SHOUT OUT for your awesome and hard-working student!
More information on sharing your own pictures to be added to the yearbook can be downloaded here:

School picture days are the week of December 7th-10th on ALL campuses

News Corner 11/09-11/13

Welcome to the second week of November! Just 6 weeks until Christmas! I am looking towards Advent Season beginning this year. This year, more than ever, so many of us need refreshing, renewing, we need stillness, and rest from the weariness that being human brings. I hope your children find that rest both at home and at school at The Rock!

If you haven’t paid tuition yet, you can pay via PayPal as a Friend/Family to @ATurnerTREA or hand a check to any of our teachers at drop off or pick up!

Click here to be redirected to PayPal to immediately pay your tuition!

Yearbook design in in full swing! And we need your help! If you have any pictures you’d like to submit, you can do so by going to the Balfour site! Download the Balfour Image Share App, enter your email address, name and code 129814 to share your pictures.

Click here to ORDER your own yearbook for the 2020-2021 school year! Make sure to add in a Shout Out to your favorite student!

For more information on purchasing yearbooks, shoutouts, and the Image Share app, download flyers below!

There’s still time to order from the Book Fair!

Order from Usborne today!

This book sale directly supports The Rock scholarship fund.

School portraits are coming up!

On December 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th yearbook staff will be on each campus taking pictures! Students can dress in whatever clothes they wish to wear–blue Rock shirts aren’t required. There will be retakes in the Spring!