TREA Newsletter: 1/9-1/13

Welcome to 2023 and the Spring Semester!

School starts back this week on every campus! Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things! Check your emails for guitar rental information and check Google Classroom for invites to join the new classes (does not apply to all campuses, just the ones where there has been a teacher change).

Please let me know if we were working on getting you into your child’s Google Classroom and you still need help! Using that link above is particularly helpful as I’ll get an alert and respond quickly! If another teachers mentions to me that you mentioned needing help with Classroom to them, there’s a high chance I will forget. So, please reach out to me (Mrs. Frankenberg)!

Tuition Reminder!

January tuition is due this week! Please reach out to Mrs. Jay-Turner if you need any assistance! You can reach her at or text her at 512.653.2323

Some Helpful Information!

Under the Stay Connected tab (above) you will find all the links needed to stay up-to-date with all things happening at school. You will find:

  • A link to sign-up for this newsletter
  • Links to all our social media
  • Links to all active 2022-2023 Google Classrooms–you should see invites to all new classes when you log into your student’s Classroom account. If you don’t see invites, you scroll down the list, find your campus, and click on the link to join the Classroom.
  • Please note: you will get an error if you’re logged into a non @therockenrichmentacademy google account when you try to join the classroom. Our Classrooms are restricted to only allow your students to join. Their emails are–make sure you’re logged in as them! Reach out if you need help!

Yearbook Reminder!

Yearbook costs increase next week! We have less than 5 left at the current price ($35)–order yours today! Scroll down to “Yearbook Products and Ads” to order.

Yearbook Photos to share?

We’d love for you to share your first-day photos, photos of fun dress-up days, or photos of other Rock events that you have. To share, follow this link:

Type in 329814 for the Yearbook Project Number and leave the upload code line blank!

Have a wonderful week!

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