TREA Newsletter: 11/14-11/18

Hello! Welcome to another week at The Rock!

This will be our last week before Thanksgiving Break! The Rock will be closed for the week of Thanksgiving, November 21st-25th. If you need to access the full school calendar, it is here.

A few changes to the calendar!

I realized this past week that the calendar wasn’t updated after we added orchestra classes to our Wednesday, CPE campus. We will be having a concert on 12/14 for the students in the orchestra classes at CPE. Those details have been posted in Google Classroom, the calendar will be updated soon, and we will release more details soon!

Buy Your Yearbook Now!

Yearbooks increase in price as the year goes on, so the $35 introductory price is only here for a few weeks. You will order and pay for your yearbook directly through Balfour’s website. Go here to purchase! You’ll scroll down to the “Yearbook Product and Ads” and click “Order Now!”

Tuition was due the first week of November! Make sure to reach out if you need some help getting caught up!

Pictures are Rolling Out!

Finally started getting some forward motion on getting our school portraits. I’ve worked my way through most of Round Rock and CPW and am into CPE at this point. Redos are at the very end.

If your child still needs a picture, I will try my best to get them taken this week! If I emailed you a couple weeks ago saying your student needs a redo, and then they were absent, I will be doing those redos this next week.

This year, if you want to order pictures, you have a few options: digital copies (you can both download them and I’ll email you the raw photo), prints, and photo magnets. I will be placing the orders when we get back from Thanksgiving Break so that all prints will be delivered before Christmas Break!

And the winners are!!!

Just realized I never announced the totals for the food drive!

Our school gathered 952.2 pounds of food! Amazing.

To make it fair, we are dividing the totals by total students attending (since our campuses aren’t balanced in numbers right now):

RR= 331.2 pounds total for an average of 6.37lbs/student
CPW= 325 pounds total for an average of 2.69lbs/student
CPE/GT= 296 pounds total for an average of 4.11lbs/student

Which means that despite having the smallest campus Round Rock pulled it off again! We will have a rematch in the Spring!
Round Rock students will get a popcorn party before Christmas Break!
Thank you all for your generosity! The first batch (about 600 pounds!) went to Reveal Resource Center and will directly impact our own communities and neighbors and the remaining amount will be delivered to our soon to be opened satellite campus in San Saba as their community is in desperate need of resources!

This week’s newsletter is sponsored by (families in our program!):

Ruby Lee’s Corner- Handcrafted earrings by child entrepreneur

Miss Ruby has an awesome selection of earrings she has made (with a few exceptions). She’s had a blast making and selling them at local festivals since June. We are teaching her the value of hard work and how to save her money. She’s got some super cute fall and Christmas ones available, plus some for everyday occasions. Check out her website and be sure to choose “local pickup” when ordering to avoid shipping fees.

Jewell’s Jelly and Jams – Homemade Artisan Jelly & Jam

Four-ish years ago I accidentally started a business and I’ve enjoyed it so much I just keep doing it! I love coming up with all of my eclectic flavors to share with everyone. I also have traditional flavors for the less adventurous. Over 100 flavors actually!! There’s literally a flavor for everyone!! One of my regulars calls me the “Baskin Robbins of jelly.” I have flavors for everyday use plus a ton that are phenomenal for charcuterie boards! If you are looking for something special for your holiday meals or gifts you need to check out my website! There’s an order form link but feel free to text me as well. (Ariel Jewell 512-619-9497)

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