TREA Newsletter: 10/31-11/4

Hello November! (Almost) So grateful for the rain and cooler weather.

This Week is Crazy HAT Week!

Collecting Extra Halloween Candy!

If you have extra Halloween candy that you would like to share, one of our old teachers, Angela, Klemmer, is collecting candy to take to children in Venezuela. You can hand off your candy to any teacher.

Food Drive Totals!!

If you have any extra items to contribute to the food drive, you still have this week to hand off things. Current totals are as follows:

  • Round Rock/Monday-284lbs
  • CPW Tuesday/Thursday-249
  • CPE/GT Wednesdays-265

I have not added any items that we given on Thursday at CPW or any items donated by Friday campus (yet). To make it the most fair, since our CPW campus hosts about 130 kids and our RR campus hosts about 50 (and Wednesdays combined are sort of in the middle), I’m going to divide total pounds by the number of students on the campus.

This currently means that RR has a significant lead as it is one of our smaller campuses right now.

We donated all donations from this past week to Reveal Resource Center as they were almost completely out of canned/dry goods. We will be taking any additional items collected to the Liberty Hill food pantry as they too are hurting.

Portraits Updates

Our photography class was able to get portraits of almost all students. We have a few stragglers. If your student has been absent the past two weeks, then I have not taken their picture yet. If you would email me at the admin email address to let me know when you will be back on campus so I can make sure to be there to get their picture, that would be great!

Over the next week everyone should get an email from me with proofs for their students pictures! I have not sent any proofs yet, so you have missed nothing if you have not received one.

Tuition is coming up again for November—it is due this week for Tuesday-Friday campuses and due Monday, November 7th for the RR campus.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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