TREA Newsletter: 10/24-10/28

Hello! Next few weeks are busy ones!

Pantry Food Drive Coming Up!

Next week is our fall food fundraiser. This will help our local food pantries stock up in time for our Thanksgiving rush! Everything will be weighed and delivered on Friday the 4th of November (so it says just one week, but you have a little cushion!)

Here’s a list of suggestions:

Long-Sleeved Shirts and Hoodies are IN!

The first round of shirt orders is in! Your student should be coming home with a shirt this next week. If they don’t, no worries! We have a couple other pending orders as well.

If you’re interested in ordering a hoodie, car decal, or anything else, you can go here to place your order!

School Portraits…if you missed!

I think I’ve spoken to most of the absent families, but if you missed portraits this week, I will be on campuses next week to take them! We also have a couple of kiddos who had snack on their face, or were squinting so much (Wednesday was a super bright and sunny day!), that I will be reaching out to those families to let you know if we’d like to take a re-take (likely this weekend)

CPW-Voting Strikes AGAIN!

Every year our CPW campus (the church) hosts Early Voting. They’ve moved voting into a different section of the buildings this year, so our classes won’t be shifted around, but you will see extra signs and cones indicating where to go. You might also see additional people on campus. As always, we will leave our doors locked and voters will not have access to students. Drop-off will be in the same location as usual.

Looking Ahead…

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas Break are busy! From October 31st through November 4th we have Crazy Hat Week!

We will NOT be celebrating Halloween on our campuses as we want to honor the variety of stances on Halloween within our school, but we will have Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character the following week, November 7th-11th, that coincides with our Book Fairs.

To see our full calendar, go here or download below!

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