TREA Newsletter: 10-17-21

Welcome to a new week!

This week (10/17-21) all students will get a yearbook photo taken! Each family will get emailed their student’s portrait proofs and will have the opportunity to purchase student photos.

Student do not need to wear their blue shirt for pictures! Portraits usually turn out pretty great!

We will be selling prints of various sizes, photo cards, and photo magnets! We will try our best to get sibling photos as well.

I spent all day Tuesday trying to remember what I was forgetting and remembered that evening: I was going to hand out this list to students! They will get a copy of it this week. All donations will be based on weight for the competition! All items need to be canned and/or shelf stable.

Shirts and Car Decals!

Get your own car decal! Or shirt! It’s finally about to get cooler so long sleeved shirts and hoodies are a great way to prepare!

Follow the link to place an order for decals ($5) or clothes (various prices, listed on form).

Upper School Reminders

We always have a lot going on in Upper School. Between Biology projects coming up, weekly reading, and regular homework, learning time management is a must! Parents, please check with your students (and feel free to check in with their teachers!) to see if they might need help balancing out their workload!

That’s all for now! I’ll see everyone this week for pictures!!

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