Weekly Newsletter: 10/3-10/7

Hello all! A few reminders for the week:

Tuition is due this week! If you need a reminder about your tuition totals, please reach out!

Picture Day will be the week of October 17th for all students! Students will have their individual portraits taken for yearbook. They will be individually emailed to parents this year. Parents will have the option to purchase prints, photo gifts, or digital photos of their children!

Slow Down!

We’ve noticed a few parents whipping into our parking lots. I know that it’s stressful to be running late! If you’re going to be late, just text me, Angela, or our campus lead to let us know!

This is particularly important at Cedar Park East as it’s a small parking lot area for carpool, all our carpool only flows counter-clockwise, and cutting through the side road forces you through the recovery center’s parking lot.

The speed limits are 10mph!

Watercolors will start staying on campus for all students. We’ve had a few too many incidences where students try to bring wet paints home and their backpacks get wrecked. If you’re on multiple campuses, students will need a watercolor palette for each school day!

Get Labeled!

If your student has a musical instrument please make sure it has a label or a unique identifier!

Earthquakes! And other epic disasters!

Join us on our SWA campus on Friday, October 14th for our once-a-month Epic Disasters camp. We will be covering Earthquakes during the month of October.

Contact us to get signed up!

Need a Hoodie?

It’s not too late to order one! We will be placing a second order soon. Head over to our gear page and submit your order!

Fall into Giving Food Drive!

October 24-28th our campuses will have our Fall food drive. We will be collecting Thanksgiving type pantry foods: chicken broth, stuffing, canned pumpkin, evaporated milk, shelf-stable pie crusts, green beans, etc. We thought we’d have the full needs list this week, but our high schooler heading up the drive needed another week to check our list against the donation centers’ lists!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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