A Great First Week!

We had a wonderful first week at The Rock! As always, some wrinkles to iron out—we appreciate your patience as we have worked through all the various things! We have so many wonderful families and students and we are so grateful to have your family at TREA!

Just a few reminders for the week:

Google Classroom

If you still haven’t gotten connected to Classroom, let me know! Now that the first week is over, I have the time to manually add students, invite guardians, and get everyone squared away.

Teachers use classroom for weekly updates and to contact parents individually! It is very important that your student uses their Rock Google account that was created for them to sign into Google Classroom and add themselves to each class they are attending.

Those classroom links can be found here!

Google has tons of help information on their help sites, but I’m also completely willing to get you started. Reach out and I will see what I can do!

Don’t lose your instruments!

On most of our campuses students are using violins, ukuleles, cellos, or violas (and soon we will be offering guitar and ukulele in South Austin! Stay tuned or contact us if you’re interested!).

Please make sure there is something identifying/distinguishing your student’s instrument. Most students have a black case. You can tie a ribbon on it, label it with fabric paint, anything that would help your child find their instrument in the sea of others!

Second Fridays Epic Disasters and Book Club on South Austin Campus!

Once a month we will be hosting a second Friday CS Lewis book club on our South Austin campus for our MS/HS students. The first book club meeting is October 14th!

We will also be turning our fun Epic Disasters summer camp into a monthly class! Each month we will cover an epic disaster—we will look at disasters from a scientific perspective utilizing meteorology, engineering, and problem solving to understand and improve upon man-made and natural disasters.

Contact Mrs Jay Turner or me about joining us once a month in South Austin!

Last weeks reminders!

If you missed the meet and greet or pick-up/drop-off instructions, please review last week’s Newsletter.

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