TREA Newsletter: May 23rd-May 27th

Hello all! For most campuses, last week was our final week! We still have a few things on the horizon:

Salt Lick Performances TOMORROW May 23rd

Performances tomorrow at the Salt Lick are still “on” for now! It’s looking like the forecast has shifted in our favor and the storms will hold off until the evening. I will send out an alert via the same way you get emails for the Newsletter in your inbox, as well as a Google Classroom alert, and post on Facebook if it IS canceled. We can’t get the instruments wet and, unfortunately, our back up (meeting in the church sanctuary) is unavailable due to a funeral. Students should plan to arrive at 11:30. Parents should bring lawn chairs as seating is limited. Most of the staff will be there and many of us will be staying after to enjoy lunch together! Please join us! More details are on the End of Year Presentations page.

Summer camps, yearbooks, and pictures!

  • Summer camps! It’s not too late to sign up for a TREA summer camp! Check out the link for list of options!
  • Yearbooks are still available! I believe we have three left. If you’d like to reserve a copy, contact Mrs Newell-Frankenberg at the link or
  • We had several families who realized too late that they missed out on ordering Spring Pictures! These are password protected to ensure that our children our safe, so please contact me if you can’t find the Spring Portraits email I sent out a few weeks ago! I will be placing an order at the end of this week. If you do order pictures, I will either mail them to you or hand deliver (depending on where you live) or we can meet up somewhere!
  • If you didn’t pay May 2022 tuition when you enrolled at the beginning of this year, it is DUE! Please check your records. Mrs. Jay-Turner will be accepting tuition payments tomorrow or by mail.

Instrument Rentals

If you rented an instrument from Mrs. Sargent and do not plan to keep that instrument over the summer, rentals may be returned to Mrs. Sargent tomorrow after the performance. If you students attends a different campus and will not be performing tomorrow, please consider joining us for the performances and to turn in your instrument. If you’re unable to attend tomorrow, and have questions about your rental, you’re also welcome to email Mrs. Sargent at! Thank you!

Thank you for your support of our students through your purchases of gear and books!

All of our gear sales and book fairs go directly to our scholarship fund! Due to your purchases, we have several families whose entire tuition will be covered next year! Thank you!

On behalf of all teachers and staff, thank you so much for a wonderful school year, for the thoughtful words of appreciation, and for the gifts and cards. I personally was touched by the kind words and affirmations (and hilarious comments some kids wrote!) I received. Your students are such blessings to us and we are so grateful that you have trusted all of us at The Rock with a small part in guiding and teaching your children.

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