TREA Newsletter: 5/2-5:/6

New Announcements:

  • CPW—we have another week of shifting drop-off and pick-up to the sanctuary due to voting. We are so sorry we didn’t give you advanced notice last week! I was traveling over the weekend and it completely slipped my mind until I drove onto campus Tuesday morning!
  • All of Mrs. Lomas’ Spanish classes (Monday RR and Tuesday CPW) will be celebrating Dia del Niño this week in class!!
  • Pre-K students! Please make sure you’re coming with your pencil bags, water bottles, nap mats, and snacks!
  • CPW music students: Dress rehearsals will be during regular classes on 5/10. Please have k-2 students bring a blanket and stuffed animal on 5/10 for our dress rehearsals. These will need to stay in the backpacks except during music class. Please remind students not to use them as distractions in other classes. No pajamas until 5/17. More details will be added to our end of year presentations link soon!
  • May tuition is due! Reach out to me ( or Mrs Jay-Turner ( if you need help or have questions. May tuition is the same price as all other monthly tuitions—we just split the payments up for families who need it, but it doesn’t change month-to-month based on the number of weeks we are in session!

Repeat Reminders:

  • Round Rock: We are looking for long scraps of fabric (any color or texture) and yarn for art class! Please send with your student before May 2nd (tomorrow!!).
  • Spring pictures have been updated! You guys should have received an email with a password to the pictures pages! If you didn’t, let me know by emailing! If you can’t find your students picture, please let me know! Our organization system is a work in progress and we’d hate to miss someone! Both fall and spring pictures are available for purchase!

Photographers needed!

If you took any photos throughout this past year, we need your pictures! 

Email them to 

We are looking for pictures of costumes, back to school, fun days and events, etc!

Yearbooks almost sold out!!

You still have time to order your student a yearbook! We have just a few left! Thank you for those who have ordered! Make sure to get your order in before they sell out!

Did we confuse you about end of year presentations?

We knew we did! So we have created a link to help explain some things! It will continue to get updated in the coming weeks with more details and day-of schedules.

Summer Camps!

We are still working out details. We are sorry for the delays–our churches are having a hard time solidifying their available dates. You can still register for available weeks and we will fill in details as we get them!

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