TREA Newsletter: 4/18-4/22

Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating what true redemption and love looks like!

New announcements:

  • Please make sure to pack colored pencils and sketchbooks for RR art!
  • We will be adding the CPW campus to our summer camp rotation. We are still working on dates and locations! So sorry for the delay.
  • Pre-K is a go for summer camps! Dates, locations, and cost are the same for all ages.
  • Enrollment is going great! Make sure to get your students enrolled for next year so that you don’t get put on a waitlist!
  • Even more changes have been made to end of year presentations! Make sure to check out more details below.

Yearbooks for Sale: Shout Outs closing TONIGHT

If you wanted to purchase a yearbook, now is the time to buy! We are hoping to have our final count by mid-April. Shout Out Ads for students close April 17th!

Order yours here today! If you’ve already purchased your yearbook and just want to add a “Shout Out” you can just choose “Shout Out” without adding a yearbook! Please email with questions!

General (All-Campus) announcements:

  • Enrollment for next year is open!
  • Most class pictures have been taken. We’ve had a few classes who have had several absences. This week, regardless of absent students, I will be finishing taking pictures. Let me know today if you forgot to mention that you’d like fall retakes! After I’m finished, they’ll be uploaded on the website. Parents will be able to purchase any fall or spring pictures that have been taken.
  • End of Year Presentations will take place May 17th-the 23rd. All campuses will host presentations from 10am-12pm, except for NWRR which will be 1pm-2:30pm. Round Rock will host small presentations during morning Assembly at 9:00am on May 16th and then will go directly to The Salt Lick on May 23rd—this is to cut down on the confusion and chaos of having two locations in one day! More details will be updated this week!
  • Upper School will have their end of year presentations on Tuesday at the same time as the Pre-K-6th students on the CPW campus. Additionally, music students will join all of Mrs. Sargent’s students on Monday, May 23rd to perform at The Salt Lick in Round Rock. Thursday upper school will have short presentations on Thursday, May 19th and then they will have a students-only publishing party for Yearbook. This will include lunch. Students can get picked up at 1:00pm:
  • Summer Camps are still in the works! More information will be updated this next week. We are open for Pre-K for students who would like to join. Rates remain the same for all students Pre-K-12th!

CPE Carpool Reminders

Victory Baptist was asked to remind all parents to drive very slowly through the rehab center next door if you drive through their parking lot to drop-off or pick-up your students. Their desired speed limit is 5mph. This facility has a lot of people coming and going and we need to keep them safe!

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