TREA Newsletter: April 11th-15th

Healthy Kids Running Series!

Hey families! We’re passionate about healthy kids, fostering friendships, and helping parents connect. The school has participated in the Healthy Kids Running Series before, and this spring, one of our school moms is facilitating a 5 week series in Round Rock on Sundays. It would be a great opportunity for families to get together, and to get the kids moving/active! Go here for more information and to sign up!

Yearbooks for Sale: Shout Outs closing April 17th

If you wanted to purchase a yearbook, now is the time to buy! We are hoping to have our final count by mid-April. Shout Out Ads for students close April 17th!

Order yours here today! If you’ve already purchased your yearbook and just want to add a “Shout Out” you can just choose “Shout Out” without adding a yearbook!

Please email with questions!

General (All-Campus) announcements:

  • Enrollment for next year is open! If you are a new family and haven’t completed the pre-enrollment questionnaire and tour, contact us to take care of those initial steps before completing the enrollment documents.
  • Picture Day was last week for ALL campuses. There were several classes that had upwards of five students absent last week so I will be back on campus to retake the class pictures for any class that didn’t have close to full attendance. These pictures will be available for purchase mid-April! If you were wanting re-takes and were absent and haven’t let us know, email to let us know!
  • Tuition for April due! Please make sure you’ve paid this month’s tuition.
  • IF you prepaid the last month’s (May) tuition when you enrolled this year, April will be the last month you owe tuition. PLEASE CHECK YOUR RECORDS TO CONFIRM IF YOU OWE MAY TUITION. Late fees will apply to May tuition that is unpaid. This change was a shift from us formerly collect first month’s tuition and fees at the time of enrollment, so some families might still owe May’s tuition. For the 2022-2023 school year, May’s tuition and fees are due upon enrollment and then September’s tuition will be due before the start of school in September!
  • End of Year Presentations have changed a smidge: most will take place May 17th-the 23rd. All campuses will host presentations for Pre-K-6th from 10am-12pm except for NWRR which will be at a different time on Wednesday, May 18th (we are working on it!). This is not a drop off event for most grades (see below for Upper School slight changes and exceptions).
  • Upper School end of year celebrations: Upper School Tuesday students will have their end of year celebrations at CPW from 10-12pm on Tuesday, May 17th. Parents will have the option to walk through to see student projects. Thursday Upper School students will have their projects on display on Thursday, May 19th from 10 to 12pm. Yearbook students will stay from 12pm until 1 PM for a class party/celebration lunch. This lunch does not include family/parents. Upper students will be allowed to be dropped off.
  • STEM students will have an end of year event on Thursday, May 19th. Details will be forthcoming.
  • Summer Camps are still in the works! Location information will be updated this next week. We are open for Pre-K for students who would like to join. Rates remain the same for all students Pre-K-12th! We will be hosting monthly camps on our RR, NWRR, and CPW campuses. We are working out which dates will be at which locations.

CPE Carpool Reminders

Victory Baptist was asked to remind all parents to drive very slowly through the rehab center next door if you drive through their parking lot to drop-off or pick-up your students. Their desired speed limit is 5mph. This facility has a lot of people coming and going and we need to keep them safe!

Toys, games,and Pokémon cards!

Card games, toys from home, and electronic devices have gotten a bit out of hand. While we understand that some students benefit from having some fidget toys, this does not include race cars, Pokémon cards, footballs that aren’t being used during recess or PE, phones, or anything else that distracts others. Please leave toys at home! We hate having to waste class time negotiating Pokémon card deals and trades gone wrong or collecting toys because we don’t know who they belong to!

The other exception to this is Upper School students for SOME classes. All that to say, devices being used in class is a privilege, not a right. Students should be asking permission to pull out devices in class rather than starting off with devices out.

Good Friday, April 15th, off for TREA SWA

TREA will not meet on Friday, April 15th in observance of Good Friday.

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