Welcome to Spring 2022: 1/10-1/14 Newsletter

Hello! I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday break! Here are a few reminders as we get started back this week!

First: with the surge of Covid cases, please make sure to be completing the Daily Health Screening prior to drop off each day. This needs to be completed online for each one of your students! I know it may feel like one more thing that we need to do in the morning, but it ensures that we as a program are abiding by our rental agreements and ensures we are being accountable for our promise to students and families to stay as healthy as possible! To read more about our Covid policies, go here!

How do the symptoms of seasonal allergies differ from COVID-19? In general, the key differentiating factors between COVID-19 and allergies are fever and body aches (malaise). Typically, you do not see either symptom in allergy sufferers. While you may see some mild fatigue with allergies, the fatigue we are seeing with COVID-19 is extreme. People with Covid might just feel like they have a cold, but even those who have been vaccinated and boosted report that their fever and tiredness is more extreme than a typical allergy response. When in doubt, stay home so that we can honor our students, their families, and all those we come into contact with!

Please check your student’s personal supplies to make sure they have:

  • Labeled jackets, waterbottles, and lunchboxes
  • Art supplies like colored pencils, watercolors (if required for their campus), and markers are in their backpacks (please label those, too!)
  • Students on Wednesday/CPE can bring magnets or magnet kits with them for the next two weeks (make sure they’re labeled if you want them back!). Any size of magnet is welcome!
  • If you need a waterbottle or school shirt/hoodie so that your student is following dress code, email director@therockenrichmentacademy.org to get supplies!

Tuition is due! If you still owe December’s tuition, please contact Mrs. Jay-Turner and make arrangements as soon as possible to get caught up! January tuition is also due!

Looking to the future: The week of February 7th-11th (the week before the Super Bowl), we will have Wear Your Favorite Sports shirt week and we will also be holding our first “‘Soup’er Bowl Competition” between the campuses! All campuses will be collecting canned goods to help restock local food pantries after the holiday surge!

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