News Updates: November 8th-12th

Hello all!

Just a few reminders this week!

This week is Crazy Hat week! Students can come donning their favorite creations or most ridiculous finds!

Carpool updates!

Voting has wrapped up and carpool at the CPW campus is back to normal. Parents will drop-off and pick-up at the loop at the end of the parking lot near the third (green) building! MS/HS students will be back in the middle building (library).

Drop-off does not start until 8:45. Do not drop off your student before then.

Pick-up and Drop-off for the CPE (Wednesday) campus will be a bit different for the next two weeks. ALL cars must enter from 1431 and exit at Arrowpoint in front of the memory care center. NO exceptions: you’ll get stuck! They’ll be fixing the roof on the gym (yay!) so you’ll see a lot of extra cars, but our regular class day will not be interrupted.

School portraits turned out adorable this year (as both the mom of cute kid to the left and the photographer, maybe I’m a smidge biased). You have about 5 more hours to get your order in if you forgot over the weekend! I extended the time for a couple people and figured I’d offer it to everyone! Email me or PayPal with questions or your order.

A few more things to be aware of:

Have a wonderful week!

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