TREA News for 9/20-9/24

Hello all!

We had a wonderful first week and are so excited to be back with your students again this week.

Some carpool reminders:

RR campus: Always pull out of carpool and back onto Gattis School by taking a RIGHT turn. The road is too busy to safely take a left and it prevents other parents from exiting safely if you’re waiting to go left.

CPW: Tuesday Everyone did a fabulous job parking at the far end to walk their Pre-K students in! As a reminder: Pre-is students go into the large green building behind the playscape, K-6th students get dropped off at the end of the parking lot and walk to the back, and MS/HS go to the middle rock building on the side that faces 1431.

On Thursdays at CPW ALL students (STEM and MS/HS) start in the large green building behind the playground.

CPE: we are aware of the issues with speed and efficiency re:getting the car line off of 1431 and are actively working on solutions for this week to make sure that doesn’t happen. Please do your part by pulling off behind the building and parking after loading your students up if you need to have a conversation or strap students into car seats.

School supplies! Please check your supply list and make sure your student has all the essentials. Several students on Wednesday were missing dry erase makers and they are essential for Math!

Moms in Prayer meets weekly after drop-off by each campus’ playground. Please connect with Mrs. Jay-Turner at to get more information or help spearhead the launch of weekly prayer sessions!

Google Classroom is for everyone! RR students have been invited to join their music classes online and new information is being posted weekly in ALL classrooms, Pre-K through HS. If you haven’t gotten into Google Classroom yet, please let me know as you’re missing important information. Email Mrs. Frankenberg at to get passwords reset or if you need any help.

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