News Corner 12/14-12/18

Merry Christmas! This is our last week of classes before Christmas Break! Classes will resume 1/11/2021.

This week we have a LOT happening on each campus! Thankfully, it’s all fun stuff!

At our Monday, Round Rock campus, we hosted a morning Ukulele concert for parents and students! The K/1 and 1/2 class did a wonderful job! This afternoon, the 3/4 and 5/6 will be hosting a violin performance.

We will be holding Christmas celebrations in many of our classes this week. Students are welcome to bring treats for friends as long as they’re individually wrapped.

If you still haven’t ordered your YEARBOOK, now is the time! Our yearbook staff had SUCH a fun time taking pictures last week for most of our students. If you missed last week’s individual pictures, Ms. Newell and the yearbook staff will be doing redos this week and we will be available to take more after the Christmas break. Class group pictures will take place in the spring.

If you want to contribute to the yearbook with pictures you’ve taken at events, we have an information sheet about how to do that! Download the forms below!

By the end of next week, December 25th, parents should get an email in their inbox with proofs of their students. This email will also include a link to purchase pictures packages. The pictures turned out ADORABLE so we know you’re going to want a couple! The email will be coming from, so if you don’t see anything by Friday, check your Spam and feel free to contact us to make sure you weren’t lost in the shuffle.

Stay safe and healthy over the holidays! We are so grateful that you all would trust us with your children. We know this has been a stressful time for so many of our families and we are blessed to have your children at The Rock!

May your 2021 be a year of rest and healing and beauty.

See you in the New Year!

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