News Corner 10/5-10/9

Welcome to Fall! Hope you all are enjoying the cooler mornings!

If you’re on the Monday or Tuesday campus, make sure you’ve read to the end!

We have many fun things planned  for the month of October!  

We will be kicking off a monthly nutrition focus on all our campuses! This month we will be focusing on eating ORANGE fruits and veggies! The class with the most orange in their lunches this month will receive a special prize! 

A few new things are on the horizon:

We will be hosting an Usborne book fair on all campuses in just a few weeks!

The fair will be held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 25th through 27th, with the option for parents to order at an outside table right after drop off. Students will be able to purchase books during their lunch hour. 

For students, there will be a $5 and a $10 table. Please plan to bring cash sealed in an envelope if they’d like to purchase any books. There will be a great selection of books—all previewed to ensure they line up with the Christian mission of our program.

The same week as our book fair we will also be having Bright Colors/Crazy clothes week on all our campuses. We want to see what crazy combos the students can come up with—feel free to leave your Rock shirts at home and bring on the bright colors! 

Tuition reminder: This year has been crazy for so many of us that we completely understand if paying tuition has slipped your mind. You still have time to catch up for September! 

And, if you haven’t already, tuition for October is also due!

Tuition can be paid via:

  • check (handed to any of the teachers running carpool)
  • PayPal sent to Please make sure to pay choosing the Friends and Family option so no one pays a fee!
  • Bill pay via your bank: Set it up to send automatically at the beginning of the month!
  • OR feel free to contact Mrs. Turner if you have any other questions!

Reminder for Monday/Round Rock campus:

Next week, October 12th, we are off for Columbus Day! Have a good break.

Heads up for Cedar Park West/Tuesday students: As many of you know, Christ Episcopal often hosts early voting events. This October is no different. As such, October 13th, October 20th, and October 27th, will be a little different! We will be using the front two buildings instead of the back building. Please plan to drop your student off at the front sanctuary building—the teachers will direct you where to go from there! Pre-K students get to use the middle building–the little house!

I’m sure many of you have also noticed that there are regularly Sheriff’s vehicles on this campus. Christ Episcopal provides a free rest-and-gather room, in a separate building from us, for our local law enforcement officers. It’s one of the many ways this church gives back to our community and we are grateful to know we have people watching our for us while we are on campus.

As always, if you have any questions or need help with anything email or Google Classroom related, always feel free to email for any help! If we don’t know the answer yet, we will try to find it.

Thank you for all your patience as we’ve switched over to new platforms for all our methods of communication! 

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