2020-2021 End of Year at TREA

End of year celebrations are still happening this year! They’ll just be a little different than in previous years. Each campus is also doing things a bit different based on capacity and policies set forth by the church.
We will be hosting events on each of our campuses–scroll down to find information about your campus!

On ALL campuses, parents will need to provide their own lunches, blankets, and/or camping chairs. TREA will provide water coolers, cups, and hand sanitizer. Mask wearing is encouraged but not required when indoors except for on CPW/Tuesday’s campus where mask wearing is a requirement for all adults who enter the buildings.

Students on all campuses except where noted need to be supervised by parents or guardians at all times. As in year’s past, students in our K-6th programs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will not be on campus for the full day; they will arrive with their families at 11am and will leave with their families at 1pm.

Usborne Books will be the CPW and CPE at campuses at 12:30pm providing one last opportunity for book purchases before the summer break!

Cedar Park West will have their celebration day on Tuesday 5/11 from 11 am until 1pm. The class day will only be from 11-1. Families will need to bring a picnic blanket or chairs and picnic lunch. This campus is the most strict with our COVID policies. Therefore, if parents would like to go inside the building to view student work, they must be wearing a mask. The student work will be displayed inside the large room that we use for lunch. Music performances will be on the covered back patio, so families can plan to spread out in the grass around the overhang to hear their students perform.  All performances will be from 11-12 and then everyone can enjoy their lunches. Pre-K will have a small presentation at 11 am in their classroom and then PK-6th music performances will begin on the back deck at 11:20. Students must be supervised by their parents at all times. Plan to arrive at 11am and then go directly to the covered back porch in the back of our main school building. If rain changes plans, you will receive direction then!

Cedar Park East will have their celebration day on Wednesday 5/12 from 11am until 1pm. Families will need to bring a picnic blanket and picnic lunch. Student artwork, Spanish projects, a small Mindfulness table, and a science table will all be set up inside around the perimeter. We ask that families all filter in to view their student’s work between 11am and noon, being mindful of thoughtful distancing and not over-packing the gym. We will cone off part of the parking lot so that there is plenty of space outside for families to spread out picnic blankets and socialize. Masks indoors are encouraged, but not required. Students must be supervised by their parents at all times. Children over the age of 6 are not allowed in the smaller, fenced back playground. All students will go home at 1pm with their families. We will not be doing drop off or a full day; students will arrive with their families at 11am and leave at 1pm.

STEM celebrations on Thursday 5/13 will be from 9:00-10:30. Parents are welcome to stay or to drop-off. However, we are doing STEM at a nearby park. Hatch Pond West is the name of the park. You can access it off of Yequa Creek Road or off of the west side of Hatch: https://goo.gl/maps/a5bVoXGF2q7Cd5tB6.

Tuesday NWA MS will have their last day on 5/12 and it will be similar to what we did for Christmas music performances. Students will perform first thing, around 9:45, for their parents and families, and then will have a regular rest of their school day. 

Thursday NWA MS will also have a full last day of classes on 5/13. There will be no performances.

Round Rock Monday will have their last day on Monday 5/17. Our school day will be from 11am until 1pm and parents must stay with their students, there will be no drop off. There will be an indoor Pre-K performance from 11:00-11:10 am. K-2 will have a musical performance from 11:15 until 11:25 and then 3rd-6th will perform from 11:30-11:45. Parents may also tour the gym to view art, science, and Spanish projects. If students wish for their science projects to be displayed, they will need to bring them with them on the 17th. Students will need to be supervised by a parent at all times. The school day begins at 11am and ends at 1pm.

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