For all campuses, all students in K-8 will need to have the following items in a backpack each week. Please label all supplies with your student’s name.

**For the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, please bring in white printer paper in lieu of lined paper and construction paper as had been listed below. Even one ream would be a blessing to school**

*Middle school students on Monday campus should plan to give Mrs. Cecil $10 to cover the cost of the supplies they will need for their weekly experiments*


ALL K-8:

*3 sharpened pencils

*Pencil sharpener that catches shavings

*12 count colored pencils

*1 pair scissors

*Package of 3 glue sticks 

*2 inch 3-ring binder 

*Dividers to separate subjects

*Pencil pouch

*Package of wet wipes

*1 ruler 

*1 ream of white copy paper


All ART (K-6) 

*1 spiral-bound sketchbook, 9×13

*1 Black ultrafine/micro-fine point felt tip pen

*1 package watercolor paper (just 1 per family, minimum of 20 pages)

*1 black sharpie 

* 1 two-pocket folder, blue  

*1 paint brush per student, any size


For Art at CPW on Tuesdays, K-6:

*1 set of watercolor pencils 

* 1 package tissue paper, 1 per family 

*1 package white card stock, 1 per family


For Art at CPE on Wednesdays, K-6:

*1 package multi-colored card stock, 1 per family



*GRADES 3-6 ONLY-recorders (the Yamaha brand is best and may be found at Strait Music Company near Lakeline and 183 for around $9)

*Cedar Park West, GRADE 5-6 ONLY, Character Building with Mrs. Larsen on Tues- spiral-bound notebook


Middle School:

Math with Mrs. Raynor

*1 two pocket folder, black  

*calculator (must have exponent and square root capabilities)


For Middle School ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ at the Round Rock campus on Mondays, students will need to bring $10 to Mrs. Cecil for the purchase of bulk (and cheaper) items for experiments 



-Preschool wide-ruled handwriting tablet

-Playdoh, 4 colors per child

-Smock or old shirt for painting

-1 Art sketchbook

-1 package multicolored construction paper

-1 package Manila construction paper

-1 Glue bottle

-2 wide-grip pencils

-1 set of jumbo easy grip crayons

-1 set of washable markers

-1 package/box of baby wipes

-Box of Kleenex

-1 small bottle of hand sanitizer


The following items will come to school each day with your child and are to be kept labeled in-with a backpack:

-Mat for rest time

-Extra Sippy cup

-Change of clothes for accident


Monday and Friday Pre-k students will also need a 2-pocket folder, any color