CPW 5/8 -Tuesday’s Highlights and Homework (end of the yr prep & schedule!)

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Our last day and the end of the year the presentations will be this week! Below is a schedule of performances, and there will be time to have your student share about Science and browse the “Art gallery”.

We will end the presentations with a time of fellowship and snacks, and below are also those details. (More information is soon to come about field day Friday the 18th from 10-12!)

*8:45-9:00- Arrive

*9:00-9:30- 5/6 Music in the music room, 3/4 Martial Arts in the assembly room

*9:30-9:45- 5/6 to Spanish room; K/1, 1/2 and 3/4 tours Art, Science (open gallery)

*9:45-10:30- 3/4 Music in the music room, 5/6 Martial Arts in the assembly room

*10:30-11:00-K/1 Music, 1/2 Martial Arts

*11:00-11:30- 1/2 Music, K-1 Martial Arts

*11:30-Kinder Spanish Presentation in assembly room followed by prayer

*11:30-12:00- Snacks and fellowship

*12:00-12:15 -Clean up; 5/6 and all grades open gallery

**Pre-K students will be able to sit with the pre-K teachers and enjoy the end of the year presentations, or with their families. Pre-K will release early at 12-12:15 PM.

(Please note that although the start and end times of the day will stay the same, there might be slight adjustments for the scheduling of performances.)

For SNACK time, girls are to bring “sweets” including fruit trays and or dishes such as fruit salad or any creative dish or family favorite. Boys are to bring something “salty” to include veggies, dips, or related item of choice. Please be sure to label the dishes that contain dairy, nuts and gluten. I will provide plates, bowls, napkins, utensils and water. Each boy and girl is to bring enough for 3-4 people.

Last week’s highlights:
Reminder: Bring costumes, and for grades 3-6, please make sure to bring your recorders!!!!

We rehearsed demonstrations for the end of the year presentations during class. I am a bit concerned about how the students will perform during their demonstration. I observed that some students who were able to demonstrate the martial art techniques in a manner that earned them their rank have had a significant drop in skill. This is not because they are incapable but instead as a result of not doing their homework. The homework has been the same since the beginning of the year. I reminded students that they will shine either way but if they pick up doing their homework this week, they have an opportunity to shine in a manner which they will be proud; if they continue to not do their homework they will shine as an example of not knowing what to do. Please support your child’s demonstration performance by requiring them to practice.

Determination and perseverance will consistently win over natural talent that has become lazy. I would like each of you to be pleased with what is publically demonstrated by your child next week. Please gift them the opportunity to shine by requiring that they do their homework practice.

We completed our world of water graph. We hypothesized how all life on earth could survive with the limited amount of fresh water on earth. Then, we saw a video of the water table/water cycle.

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:
*K/1 students have been practicing for the end of the year presentation song
*1/2 students reviewed colors and wrote the Spanish word for the color that corresponds.
*3/4 students reviewed months and dates in Spanish.
*5/6 students brought information to put our presentation together, all about Mexico. Thank you students for your great work!

*K-1 finishing our butterflies
*1-2 painting our clay serpents
*3-6 worked on the back drop the musical performances/ finishing projects for the big show

Recess fun: